Vacheron Constantin salutes the strength and tenacity of Cory Richards


Vacheron Constantin salutes the strength and tenacity of Cory Richards

Vacheron Constantin salutes the strength and tenacity of Cory Richards

An extraordinary personality who is undoubtedly "one of not many"
La Cote des Montres - June 21st, 2019

June, 2019 - With already two ascents of the roof of the world to his credit, Cory Richards has just wrapped up a new Everest expedition, with the Ecuadorian Esteban “Topo” Mena, this time via one of the most difficult routes and without any oxygen supply. The extremely harsh and exhausting weather conditions did not allow him to complete his journey, which means postponing the challenge until later.

Vacheron Constantin wishes to pay tribute to the courage and strength of this extraordinary personality who is undoubtedly “one of not many”.

Reaching the roof of the world at an altitude of 8,848 metres / 29,000 feet remains an outstanding performance. Since May 29th 1953, when pioneers Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing Norgay first summited Everest, less than a third of the climbers having taken on the challenge have actually conquered the Himalayan giant. And among them, only 2% have done so without respiratory assistance. Cory Richards is one of them. His first two ascents on 2012 and 2016 – including one without oxygen in 2016 – gave him a taste for adventure and for a fresh challenge that he knew would require pushing his own limits: climbing Everest via the North-East ridge, located in Tibet, considered the most difficult and dangerous of all.

This human adventure, which began ten months ago with stringent physical and mental preparation, as punctuated by long phases of acclimatisation, waiting for favourable weather windows and long, very slow hikes. Going from usual atmospheric pressure (1 atm) to that found at an altitude of 8,000 metres / 26,245 feet (0.32 atm); suffering potential impacts during the ascent; as well as experiencing thermal shocks at temperatures reaching-40°C / -40°F: such were the constraints, risks and challenges to which the mountaineer and his watch had to adapt, as nature asserted its authority through imposing particularly extreme conditions on the mountaineers.

The ultimate phase of Cory’s and Esteban ascent was marked by a 40-hour stint out of base camp that ended with Cory having to turn back at 7,600 metres / 24,934 feet because of extreme weather conditions. After pushing for 12 hours on the first day, Cory ended up taking refuge in an ill-advised open bivouac at 7,300 metres / 23,950 feet where he could not rest due to the very cold temperatures. The next morning, he decided to continue his ascent despite the lack of sleep and physical exhaustion. After three hours of climbing in mixed terrain and knowing how far he still had to go, he chose to turn back and wait for a more favourable weather window. Unfortunately, a second suitable weather window did not materialise for Cory, who therefore decided to leave the mountain for this year.

The next 12 months will doubtless be spent fine-tuning preparations for a new expedition to the top of the world.

“A year worth of work came to an end. I join scores of other expeditions and routes that have taken multiple seasons to complete and start the process to return next season to try again! Disappointing? For sure. Realistic? Totally. Only 12 months to be better, stronger, more refined, and more dialed! Thanks Everest for keeping it very real this season!”
Cory Richards


Cory Richards’ Everest adventure

recounted at a New York event 

June 18th 2019, New York – Vacheron Constantin celebrated Cory Richards’ adventure on Everest at a press conference and customer event. The American explorer and photographer took the opportunity to review his recent expedition, undoubtedly "One of not many".

For Cory Richards, professional photographer and long-distance explorer, the world is brimming with discoveries of which one never tires. Among his many journeys, the Himalayas occupy a special place in the heart of this experienced mountaineer who has already conquered it twice, once without oxygen in 2016. Never short of a challenge, he was keen to undertake a third ascent, this time along the North-East ridge in Tibet, one of the most difficult routes to the roof of the world. Unfortunately, weather conditions decided otherwise. Despite over a year’s careful preparation, Cory Richard had to give up his attempt to reach the top. A wise decision in the face of Mother Nature’s whims.


A mutual commitment


Driven by passion, the same openness to the world and taste for innovation, along with audacity and a desire to push existing limits, the American explorer-photographer and Vacheron Constantin decided to embark together on the path of achievement and a discovery of the planet’s beauties.

Cory Richards thus joined the very select group of personalities chosen by Vacheron Constantin to embody its "One of not many" communication campaign. Expressing an exceptional universe, this signature accompanies creative collaborations with talents acknowledged for their expertise and their steadfast quest for excellence.

Embodying the beauty of the Earth and Nature, the photographs and videos taken on the dizzying slopes of Everest during Cory Richard’s new attempted ascent will be exhibited in Vacheron Constantin boutiques around the world. This creative collaboration with the Manufacture has also given rise to an Overseas dual time prototype that the explorer wore on his wrist during his ascent.