Vacheron Constantin Patrimony platinum


Patrimony Contemporaine in platinum

Simply Perfection in Platinum
La Cote des Montres - November 10th, 2006

Designed and crafted according to the most demanding standards of Genevan horology at its finest, this extra slim piece with its deliberately unadorned face, embodies the classic heritage of its maker, a tradition gained over more than 250 years and confirmed by the exceptional caliber 1400 hand wound mechanical movement it brings to life. Epitomizing the rarity and purity of Vacheron Constantin’s Vacheron Constantin Collection Excellence Platine, the Platinum Patrimony Contemporaine watch is available in a limited edition of just 150 pieces.

Pure Perfection


To house this masterly demonstration of Genevan mechanical genius, Vacheron Constantin designers have created the Patrimony Contemporaine watch platinum case according to two sets of aesthetic norms that are generally not found together: the stylish slimness of its fine profile salutes the classic tradition, while its 40-millimeter diameter provides a distinct contemporary touch.

This superbly simple look is framed by the extra-slim case’s polished platinum bezel protected by a clear sapphire crystal. The rare platinum dial face is slightly cambered at its outer edge and displays a micro-grain platinum finish enhancing the luster of the platinum, the whole is offset by 18K white gold triangular index hour markers and domed minute dots. The much-coveted “Pt950” platinum endorsement is to be found sitting discreetly between the 4 and 5 o’clock indexes. A pair of elegant baton-shaped hands in 18K white gold add to the watch’s understated distinction, confirmed by the Vacheron Constantin "Maltese cross" signature at its center.

Platinum is a precious metal chosen when only the best is judged sufficiently good – which is why Vacheron Constantin created the Vacheron Constantin Collection Excellence Platine – specifically to celebrate these unique qualities. Each new connoisseur’s Limited Edition model destined for exclusive distribution carries a Vacheron Constantin Collection Excellence Platine identification: a micro-grain finished dial in solid platinum, “Pt950” discreetly appearing on the platinum dial, case and buckle, and a presentation box in gray maple.

The Caliber 1400


Designed and crafted according to the most demanding standards of Genevan horology at its finest, the Vacheron Constantin caliber 1400 hand-wound mechanical movement can rightly claim the title of "mouvement manufacture", i.e. a proprietary design born of the experience and expertise of the company’s own team of master watchmakers and made on its own premises.

Since the essential phases of caliber 1400’s construction all take place on the territory of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, this movement can legitimately be inscribed with the Poinçon de Genève indication of provenance, a mark of quality attesting the exceptional excellence of its design and finish. Here for instance, all appropriately flat areas of the movement are decorated with a ribbed "Côtes de Genève" pattern, sharp angles chamfered then, along with all flat screw heads, polished by hand.

The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine watch in platinum 950 with pure, round, oversized case offsetting its micro-grain finished platinum dial in a discreet play of brilliant reflecting light only achievable in platinum – simply perfection.

Technical Specifications

Patrimony contemporaine Limited Edition, Vacheron Constantin Collection Excellence Platine

Caliber:caliber 1400, hand-wound, with Hallmark of Geneva indication of origin
Movement thickness:2.60 mm
Movement diameter:20.35 mm, or 9 lines
Indications:hours and minutes
Frequency:28 800 v.p.h.
Movement jewelling:20
Power reserve:40 hours
Case:platinum 950, Ø 40 mm
Dial:micro-grain finish platinum 950 and cambered border/td>
Water resistance:30 metre (~ 100 feet)
Strap:blue hand-stitched alligator mississipiensis leather
Buckle:platinum 950/td>
Limited edition:150 examples

Hallmark of Geneva

Twelve pivotal provisions 

Only mechanical watches assembled and adjusted on the territory of the Canton of Geneva may be entered. Each movement must furthermore bear its own individual production number.
  1. The quality of all parts and components of the movement, including those used for auxiliary mechanisms, must comply with the standards prescribed by the Office for the optional inspection of Genevan watches. Steel parts must display polished angles and their sides parallel file strokes, their visible faces must be smoothed and polished, screw heads must be polished or circular grained and their rim and slot beveled.

  2. All movements must be fitted on the going train and on the escapement with ruby jewels with polished hole. On the bridge side, jewels must be semi-mirror polished and their sinks polished. A center-wheel jewel in the mainplate is not required.

  3. The balance spring must be secured by a sliding stud cap with round head and neck. Mobile stud-holders are accepted.

  4. Fitted or split indexes (regulators) with a fastening system are accepted, save on extra-thin movements where the system is not mandatory.

  5. Regulating systems featuring a balance wheel with variable radius of rotation are accepted provided they comply with the conditions set out in Article 3, paragraph 1.

  6. Geartrain wheels must be beveled on their upper and lower sides and their sinks polished. For wheels 0.15 mm thick or less, beveling on the bridge side only is tolerated.

  7. Pinion shanks and faces must be polished.

  8. A lightweight escape wheel is mandatory: no more than 0.16 mm thick for larger sizes or 0.13 mm for wheels less than 18 mm across; locking faces must be polished.

  9. The lever’s angle of travel must be contained by solid bankings, to the exclusion of pins or studs.

  10. Movements fitted with shock absorbers are accepted.

  11. The ratchet and transmission (crown) wheel must be finished in conformity with prescribed models.

  12. Wire springs are prohibited.

[ Excerpted from the technical quality specifications required of movements submitted to the Geneva Watch Inspection Authority for inspection and approval of the right to bear the official hallmark of Geneva mark of provenance. ]