TAG Heuer Diamond Star


TAG Heuer Diamond Star

Diamond Star

The Link Lady collection has its own dazzling jewel: a vibrant tribute to femininity
La Cote des Montres - March 16th, 2012

Hollywood Studios Universal / Ext.Night.

Long shot: A dark alley. Wet paving stones - A silhouette stands out against the light. A woman is walking. A slender figure, she moves briskly.

Close-up: Her stilettos beat a rhythm as she walks. She moves with natural ease, she is extremely elegant.

American (medium-long) shot - Direct to camera: She is nonchalantly seductive because she knows that nothing, absolutely nothing, endures. Only the moment counts and that moment is hers.

She is beautiful.

Travelling shot over her face: With a glint in her eye, she challenges rules and defies convention. She rejects the obvious, seeks her own truth and is free. She makes a passing fashion seem eternal.

She is a rebel.

Crossfade over her hand

On her wrist, the new Link Lady.

Extreme close-up of the timepiece: The diamonds on the face sparkle, the camera is compelled to focus on the guilloche lines undulating across the dial. The bracelet plays sensually with the light. The camera picks up the distinctive curve made by the links of the bracelet.

The lens moves up over the smoothed edges of the case, skims across its unique, delicate bracelet attachment, and comes to rest on the iconic marque:

TAG Heuer
End of Scene 1

It could be the opening scene of a film. A film in which Cameron Diaz plays the lead, a completely new role: that of TAG Heuer ambassador and muse for the new Link Lady collection. This new range is dedicated to beautiful and rebellious women and instinctively feels at home on the wrist of this Hollywood star – who said when discovering the new collection: “The Link Lady is more than a timepiece, it’s a piece of jewellery. When I put It on my wrist, I don’t feel It. It is easy-to-wear, sparkling, and feminine“.

The cases are river stone shaped, delicate, refined and rounded, with a central lugs architecture. They come in two sizes, 29mm and 34.5mm. Inside is a quartz movement, with the date at 6 o’ clock and the edges of the dial feature a light concentric guilloche.

The instantly recognisable and emblematic LINK bracelet with its S-shaped links has been redesigned. A single principle unifies the design: elegance - comfort and poetry were combined to produce pure pleasure.


S… for Star


In films, some women naturally attract the light. Their movements are always in synch with the camera, their faces captivate the viewer, in a way that goes far beyond the photogenic: they radiate. People call them stars because they are the brightest points in the cinematic spectrum.

The Link Lady collection has its own dazzling jewel: the Diamond Star, a vibrant tribute to femininity that captures the essence of this series of timepieces. With its Haute Couture influence, it is set outside of time and gravity, like on a divine catwalk show. The automatic movement floats in space, the oscillating mass executes a skillfully choreographed ballet and the diamonds are like shooting stars flickering in the rich stellar skies of the Galaxy. The dial and the case back seem to dissolve, allowing the designer to revel in creating this celestial dance.

Such elegant artistry is possible because of the watch is fitted with an oscillating weight that is larger than the movement it graces. The TAG Heuer R&D team had to work wonders to keep it functional without compromising the star design. It makes a 360° turn between two sapphire crystals which allow the eye to catch and hold each moment of eternity. A complex construction keeps the movement centred in the case and makes it appear as if it is floating. The cut of each sapphire layer within the construction is highly accurate and technical to ensure a perfect fit. The whole structure is completely transparent, a result obtained only through a delicate, dust-free assembly process.