Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon


Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon

Excalibur Spider Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon

Technical Skeletons
La Cote des Montres - February 4th, 2015

Having pioneered and perfected the art of crafting contemporary skeleton calibres, Manufacture Roger Dubuis now steps things up yet another notch for 2015 by introducing its aptly named Excalibur Spider concept, comprising fresh expressions of its decidedly different interpretations. All are very much in sync with its unconventional aesthetic take on skeleton-work.

When asked to elaborate on the significance of the word Spider in Excalibur Spider, R&D and Watchmaking Director Gregory Bruttin likes to evoke “the patient, meticulous and inventive nature of the work done by this resourceful arachnid as it daily spins its web in ever more novel and intricate patterns, reinventing its craft and constantly adapting it to new situations.

That is very much how we at Manufacture Roger Dubuis approach our own task, and in this new collection, we have taken our existing and acknowledged skeleton-work expertise and applied it to whole new areas of the watch.”

The calibres themselves feature the instantly recognisable star shape that are the natural signature of Roger Dubuis’ unique skeleton movements. Moreover, several tips of the star point to hour-markers, once again highlighting an exceptional ability to combine original and visually appealing design effects with clarity, readability and functionality.

In its Technical Skeletons, Roger Dubuis leverages the expertise acquired over the years through its avant-garde movements revealing its own unique vision of this principle.

It now applies the same innovative and creative powers to extending a skeleto- nised approach beyond the move-ment to encompass a skeletonised case, flange and hands. This results in a fresh and novel interpretation of the Manufacture’s characteristic multi-layer approach to watch- making and particularly heightens the distinctive 3D impact.

The skeleton-work external aspects of the watch serve to accentuate the architecture of the movement. Moreover, adopting such a holistic interpretation of the skeleton principle, including the particularly sophisti- cated and original case construction and the decision to use modern materials such as titanium, ensures an extremely light and pleasant feel on the wrist.


Excalibur Spider Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon


As the only Manufacture to offer a Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon, Manufacture Roger Dubuis was ideally equipped to shift into an even higher gear. This is an appropriate way of describing its decision to skeletonise all key aspects of this iconic model channelling the raw power of a race car equipped with a state-of-the-art engine and amazing bodywork.

Creating powerful contrasts with the titanium and black DLC-titanium case, a variety of fiery red aluminium elements on the inner bezel ring, crown and case band highlight the strong, sporty impact that is further reinforced by a variety of colour strap options. The standout RD01SQ movement powering this 188-piece limited-edition model is displayed to stunning advantage within this multi- level construction composed of case, flange and movement. The resulting 3D effects are reminiscent of contemporary cityscapes – just as one would expect from the specialist of technical and architectural mechanics.

Exuding this decidedly technical, outdoor and automobile-inspired spirit, and thereby bringing something entirely new to the Excalibur collection, the pushers are made of aluminium, while the rubber strap is fastened by a folding clasp guaranteeing a secure and comfortable fit. In an entirely novel feature, the counter rings surrounding the double tourbillon as well as the small seconds also feature a speedometer-type design that accentuates the adrenaline-rush, motorsports style of the model.

In a typically Roger Dubuis combination of visual impact and practicality, this configuration also ensures they are seam- lessly integrated into the skeleton work and avoid any design overload. Moreover, to maximise readability by night and day, the tips of the hands and the applied screws on the flange are enhanced with Superluminova.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon

Technical data

Case: Skeleton Titanium and black DLC, titanium, red aluminium container and crown
Diameter :Ø 47mm
Thickness: 14.95 mm
Dial: Skeleton, red aluminium skeleton flange, black minute-circle and Roger Dubuis transfers
Screws :Titanium with SLN
Hands: Skeleton in gold, black DLC treatment with SLN
Water resistance: 5 BAR (50 m)
Certification: Poinçon de Genève
Double Flying Tourbillon : With differential at 4.30 and 7.30
(one rotation per minute for each)
Movement:Hand-wound mechanical
Finely adjusted in six positions
Functions : Hours and minutes
Decorations: Skeleton movement, charcoal grey rhodium-plated, circular-grained plate, tourbillon carriages in the shape of a Celtic cross,“Poinçon de Genève” finishings
Number of parts: 301
Jewels: 28
Diameter: 16 3/4’’’
Thickness: 7.67 mm
Frequency: 2X3Hz (21,600 vph)
Power-reserve: 50 hours
Strap: Black rubber
Clasp: Black DLC titanium adjustable folding clasp
Production: 188 pieces

2015, Year of the Astral Skeleton


Roger Dubuis, the only Manufacture to practice a 100% Poinçon de Genève principle, has found in the skeleton a perfect showcase for the outstanding expertise embodied by this prestigious quality hallmark that is a guarantee of exclusivity, origin, expertise, performance and durability.

The Poinçon de Genève
Having firmly established itself as the pioneer of contemporary skeleton calibres and a specialist in architectural and technical mechanics, in 2015 Manufacture Roger Dubuis is celebrating its ‘year of the skeleton’ with a charismatic line-up of Excalibur models.

Simultaneously delivering powerful reinter- pretations of equally trailblazing know-how in its other signature realms of expertise – the micro-rotor and the flying tourbillon –, these creations extend or extrapolate the unique Astral Skeleton concept in dazzling new ways.

Each also reveals another facet of a proven capacity to appeal in daringly uncon- ventional ways to a wide spectrum of individuals – from outdoor enthusiasts to timepiece lovers fascinated with technical sophistication and/or innovative designs, as well as women drawn to jewellery creations with a (quite literally in this case!) unique twist.

With its Technical Skeleton models, under the code name Excalibur Spider, Manufacture Roger Dubuis takes things to the next level by also skeletonising the case and even the hands and flange of these timepieces, well as by combining what are generally regarded as diametrically opposite materials in the World Premiere Excalibur Spider Skeleton Flying Tourbillon with gem-set rubber bezel.

For those with a taste for watchmaking traditions expressed in modern ways, Manufacture Roger Dubuis offers a new generation of skeleton movements with its Excalibur Automatic Skeleton models: the first of their kind with the micro-rotor, as and naturally featuring the inimitable ‘star’ signature.

Women are never far from the preoccupations of Manufacture Roger Dubuis, which acknowledges their love of jewellery models graced with innovative designs, splendid gemstones and... Creative Skeleton movements.

Inspired by the Arthurian legends and the mysterious Brocéliande forest, the appealing and undeniably eye-catching Creative Skeleton Brocéliande model is part of a poetic trilogy that it set to weave its own unique spell.

At the SIHH 2015, Manufacture Roger Dubuis stages another scenographic surprise designed to stun and intrigue visitors at the exclusive annual watch show.

Inspired by an eclectic range of sources in- cluding fashion, architecture, painting, sculp- ture and film-making, the new Roger Du- buis World embodies a dreamlike fantasy world powerfully evoking the Manufacture’s theme of the year: skeleton-work and its multiple interpretations in nature, art and watchmaking.

Visitors to the SIHH 2015 are once again in- vited to step into its incredible universe of architecture and technical mechanics.
On the road to this SIHH 2015, technical sophistication once again met unconventional brand staging in a new digital ‘countdown’ that follows on from the experienced offered last year.

The “GoodbyeCuckoo, #HelloExtraordinary” campaign preceding the SIHH 2014 became a YouTube case study, appeared in the “Limitless Creativity” film showcased at the YouTube Brandcast Paris, won third place in the Brand Content category at the Grand Prix Stratégies /Amaury Médias du luxe 2014 (France); while Facebook Hong Kong is also set to conduct a case study after the campaign was featured in the run-up to Watches&Wonders 2014.

Never one to rest on laurels of any kind, be they technical, aesthetic, or cyber-based, Manufacture Roger Dubuis presented a new digital teasing campaign dubbed “The As- tral Gateway” composed of seven short thril- ling films and a final ‘revelation’ film. 7+1= 8, a universally symbolic number that appears in the limited editions chosen for many Roger Dubuis collections.
unveiled every day of the week of January 12 through 18, leading up to this year’s edi- tion of the SIHH.

Each episode opened a new door towards the next...all the way through to the revela- tion on the January 19 opening day of the Roger Dubuis World at the Salon itself. There, a surprise awaits visitors, who will for the first time be offered Oculus glasses enabling them to enjoy a sensorial 3D ex- perience at the heart of the Astral Skeleton: “The Astral Skeleton Experience”.

2015, Year of the Astral Skeleton in seven leading questions


Why is ‘skeleton’ inspiration so pervasive and varied?
Skeleton work is a recurrent theme in the natural world evidenced in countless ways, including star-studded constellations. In turn reflected in a wealth of human endeavours such as bridges, cathedrals, ornamental friezes, maps, labyrinths and even tattoos, skeleton-work is all about fascinating geometrical motifs often carrying powerful metaphorical connotations.

Why has the term ‘skeleton’ taken on a specific meaning in watchmaking as a whole?
In the realm of horology, skeleton-work expresses a blend of technical refinement and artistry that generally involves paring functional movement components down to an absolute minimum.

Why can Manufacture Roger Dubuis be regarded as a ‘pioneer of contemporary skeletons’?
In its own inimitable way, Roger Dubuis has given a typically unconventional twist to this principle, raising it to the rank of a contemporary art form.This approach promotes transparency, enhances visibility and forms sculptural effects that highlight the unique beauty of these sophisticated mechanisms as the ultimate expression of the Poinçon de Genève.

Why 2015?
In 2005, Manufacture Roger Dubuis introduced its first traditional skeleton movement, followed by its first contemporary and ladies’ skeleton models in 2008, and by the iconic RD01SQ Double Flying Tourbillon Skeleton tourbillon in 2009. The latter has remained unmatched ever since and is instantly recognisable among watch lovers and industry observers.

Manufacture Roger Dubuis has now reached an astonishing degree of maturity in this field that meant the time was right to up the ante even further. It notably felt ready to raise the stakes by pushing its own limits and those of the watch industry in applying the skeleton principle beyond the movement to the watch exterior: the case, flange and hands.

Why choose the Excalibur collection to host the skeleton theme?
Doubtless because its legendary connotations and its memorable design codes, including a round case, fluted bezel and triple lugs, have made it the emblem of a subtly offbeat, unconventional and unexpected approach to watchmaking. Its iconic stature among Roger Dubuis models enables it to provide the perfect framework for exploring bold new technical and architectural skeleton constructions.

Why distinguish between Technical, Automatic and Creative Skeletons?
Each of these epithets refers to highly specific and distinct interpretations of the over-arching Astral Skeleton theme introduced this year by Manufacture Roger Dubuis. To gain a better understanding of how they apply to the skeleton ‘families’ introduced at the SIHH 2015 and doubtless destined to welcome new members in the future, the best way is to view them in context, as expressed through the 2015 range of exciting new releases.

And finally, why refer to the overall Roger Dubuis skeleton calibre conceptas the Astral Skeleton?
The short, philosophical answer is because the Manufacture has always been committed to reaching for the horological stars. The more technical reason is because this is the term that most aptly sums up the Roger Dubuis approach to skeleton movements. Stars and constellations are the ‘stellar’ (pun definitely intended) inspiration behind its work in this field, and it is high time for them to shine as brightly as they deserve, as explained in a little more detail below.