IWC Ingenieur Constant-ForceTourbillon


IWC Ingenieur Constant-ForceTourbillon

Ingenieur Constant-ForceTourbillon

Where power meets precision
La Cote des Montres - January 27th, 2013

With its Constant-Force Tourbillon IWC has secured itself a pole position in the haute horlogerie Constructors Championship
With its spectacular Ingenieur Constant-Force Tourbillon, Swiss watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen has secured itself a leading position in the Constructors’ Championship of haute horlogerie. To ensure a particularly regular rate, the watchmakers integrated the patented constant-force mechanism in a tourbillon – an impressive example of engineering at its best.

With its technical challenges, its emotional moments, and its gripping tales of the race against time, Formula One™
is an authentic setting for the new 2013 Ingenieur watch collection from IWC Schaffhause
The completely remodelled 2013 Ingenieur watch collection from IWC Schaffhausen focuses entirely on its new partnership with the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One™ Team. For the next three years, the watch manufacturer will be the Official Engineering Partner of the Mercedes-Benz works team. For the new collection, IWC’s design engineers took their inspiration from Formula OneTM. Materials typically used in motorsport, such as carbon fibre, ceramic and titanium, are the hallmarks of a new design line in the Ingenieur watch family. The technologically demanding workmanship confirms the reputation of IWC Schaffhausen as a company that has been manufacturing top-quality timepieces for more than 140 years.

Pour les montres Ingenieur, les designers d’IWC se sont inspirés du style des instruments de Formule 1™
Haute horlogerie and Formula OneTM motorsport have one thing in common: only if the engineers adjust the individual parts to interact perfectly can they get the most out of their machines. And only then, whether they’re designed for the wrist or the racetrack, will their performance be spot on. While V8 engines are built for extreme acceleration and braking power, the hand-wound mechanism of a mechanical wristwatch should ideally supply energy at as constant a rate as possible. But because the mainspring in a conventional hand-wound movement is under more tension when freshly wound than when running down, the amount of power it generates varies constantly. IWC’s team of engineers, watchmakers and designers sought an answer to the problem for 10 whole years. The result of their efforts is a highly complex constant-force mechanism integrated in a tourbillon. And in 2013, IWC’s invention makes its way into the Ingenieur watch family for the first time in the form of the Ingenieur Constant-Force Tourbillon (Ref. IW590001) in a platinum and ceramic case.


The constant-force tourbillon

The heart of the watch  

Positioned at “9 o’clock”, the impressive constant-force tourbillon provides a fascinating view of its layered construction. Connoisseurs of precision mechanics will particularly enjoy watching the complex interaction of the springs, wheels and pallets. The striking black tourbillon bridge is calibrated to facilitate reading off the seconds and, like the black screws, underscores the dial’s high-tech look.

The design of the movement side, which is visible through the sapphire glass back cover,
was inspired by a sports car’s engine block
As a captivating contrast to this we see the delicate, gold-coloured Glucydur®* beryllium alloy balance with its high-precision adjustment cam on the balance arms. The tourbillon revolves around its own axis once every 60 seconds to offset the influence of gravity on any positional error in the balance and its adverse effect on the rate.
The constant-force tourbillon
Down in the depths of the tourbillon we see the constant-force mechanism, the true heart of the watch. This intricate assembly allows the escapement to be uncoupled from the gear train, which keeps the amplitude of the balance – and thus the watch’s rate – virtually constant. The energy is stored temporarily in a balance spring and dispensed to the escape wheel. This balance spring is put under tension once a second, as we can see from the one-second advances made by the tourbillon hand. After every five beats of the balance, the stop wheel and the tourbillon cage are also released. The stop wheel turns and causes the tourbillon cage to rotate with it, which puts the balance spring under tension again. After about 2 days, the watch moves from constant-force mode into normal mode. Now, the seconds hand advances smoothly every one-fifth of a second. The constant-force tourbillon guarantees a regular and precise rate over a period of at least 48 hours.

A technical-looking dial featuring a constant-force tourbillon together
with double moon, countdown and power reserve displays

Instrument-like totalizers


The new 94800-calibre basic movement was developed entirely internally by IWC. It features two barrels, which provide the energy for the higher torque required to drive the constant-force tourbillon. It also provides the moon phase module with the necessary power. IWC’s hallmark double moon display for the northern and southern hemispheres also makes its debut in the new design. If its position on the dial is a bold statement in itself, the incredibly realistic depiction of the moon is even more daring. IWC used a special 3-D laser technique to render the surface as authentically as possible. As a result, even tiny craters are visible to the naked eye. The countdown display on the outer ring of the totalizer shows the number of days remaining before the next full moon.

A new departure for IWC is the retrograde design of the power reserve display between “4” and “5 o’clock”, which has a triangular indicator to show the power remaining. The connecting bridge was designed in such a way that the IWC logo is not concealed at any point during the watch’s 96-hour run time. The three totalizers protruding into the bezel were inspired by dashboard instruments and underscore the watch’s sporty character.

The constant-force tourbillon maintains virtually constant amplitude
in the balance and guarantees an extremely precise rate
In keeping with the cool, technically inspired look are the finely nuanced shades of black on the dial, the black, high-tech ceramic lugs and the solid crown protection in platinum. In the inner circle is the traditional pattern consisting of interlocking capital “I”s with elongated serifs. The letter stands for Ingenieur and lends an unusual depth to the relief.

Double moon display with countdown display. The moon is depicted so realistically that even tiny craters can be recognized

A look under the bonnet


If we look at the Ingenieur Constant-Force Tourbillon from the movement side, it’s like peering into a sports car’s engine compartment. Complementing the bores in the bezel on the front side are five titanium screws with ceramic heads, which secure the sapphire-glass back firmly to the case. On the bottom plate, the lively interplay of blasted and satin-finished surfaces combined with polished edges is reminiscent of a high-performance Formula One™ racing car. Perforated sections reveal the intermeshing gears, while engravings provide the technical details. All the design elements are meticulously harmonized and radiate power and pure dynamism.

Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One™

The set-up of a Formula One™ racing car and the assembly of a high-precision timepiece
exemplify the art of engineering at the highest-possible level
The new Ingenieur collection focuses on its partnership with the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One™ team
IWC Schaffhausen is Official Engineering Partner of the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1™ team
The practised Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1™ team works as precisely as a watch movement
Finding the ideal line calls for absolute precision and perfect timing
IWC and the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One™ Team share the same passion
for precision technology and performance engineering

IWC Ingenieur Constant-ForceTourbillon

Ref.: IW590001

Features:Mechanical movement
Power reserve display
High-precision moon phase display
Double moon phases for the northern and southern hemispheres
Countdown display showing phases until next full moon
Tourbillon:With integrated constant-force mechanism
Balance:Glucydur®* beryllium alloy balance with high-precision
adjustment cam on balance arms
Back:See-through sapphire-glass
Movement:Calibre 94800
Frequency:18,000 A/h / 2.5 Hz
Power reserve:96 h
Case:Platinum and ceramic
Glass:Sapphire, flat, antireflective coating on both sides
Water-resistant:12 bar
Diameter:46 mm
Case height:14 mm
Strap:Black alligator leather
Pin buckle:In platinum
* IWC Schaffhausen is not the legal owner of the Glucydur® trademark.