The Bol d’Or Mirabaud presented by Corum wears fuchsia


The Bol d’Or Mirabaud presented by Corum wears fuchsia

The Bol d’Or Mirabaud presented by Corum wears fuchsia

Sunday, June 13th 2010 - 2:49am, the D35 Ladycat crosses the finishing line after 16h49 of navigation
La Cote des Montres - June 17th, 2010


Sunday, June 13th 2010 - 2:49am, the D35 Ladycat crosses the finishing line after 16h49 of navigation. Positioning itself as the first mostly female team, the Dona Bertarelli’s boat earns the status of legend by winning the most legendary regatta on Lake Léman.

As the presenting sponsor of the event, Corum has seen its colors flying from the mast of every sailboat promoting its visibility during the weekend. Even though the wind was absent for this 72th edition, it did not put a damper on the motivation and passion of the 517 boats at the starting line.


Saturday, June 12th, 2010 - 10am


The starting cannon sounds in Geneva harbor and announces the start of the 72th edition of the Bol d’Or Mirabaud presented by Corum. More than 3,000 participants are ready to conquer and trying to gain ground on the competition. With a starting line dedicated to the multihull sailboats close to the French coast, the 11 Decision 35’s encounter difficulties from the start. Only Ladycat, owned and helmed by Dona Bertarelli, successfully manages to open its gennaker on the starting line and by choosing the center of the lake, taking an alternative line and giving her an advantage. It is only along Versoix that Ladycat distances itself from the leading monohulls. Behind, Nickel, Banque Populaire and Zebra 7 stand at the 3rd place right behind the M1. Standing at the lead in Le Bouveret, Ladycat helmed by Dona Bertarelli strengthens its lead and it is at this moment that she seals the lead without even realizing it at the time.

Antonio Calce, Corum CEO and Dona Bertarelli, Helmer of Ladycat and Winner of the Bol d’Or

Geneva Yacht Club


2:49am - (16h49’57’’)
Ladycat arrives. Made up of Dona Bertarelli at the helm, with Emmanuelle Rol, Elodie-Jane Mettraux, Justine Mettraux, Morgane Gautier, Christian Wahl and Arnaud Gavairon, take the podium in every category.

4:33am - (18h33’17’’)
Banque Populaire helmed by Pascal Bidégorry crosses the finishing line and takes 2nd position.

4:45am - (18h45’22’’)
First M2 arrival, Safram, helmed by Yann Guichard.

7:08am - (21h08’52’’)
Arrival of the D35 Okalys-Corum, helmed by Nicolas Grange & Loïck Peyron.

7:35am - (21h35’’19)
Psaros 40 Oyster Funds, helmed by Mr. Boaron, first monohull crossing the finishing line and winning the Bol Vermeil.

Prize giving

Antonio Calce, Corum CEO, gives the limited edition Admiral’s Chronograph 48 Bol d’Or Mirabaud presented by Corum to Dona Bertarelli, owner and helmsman of the D35 Ladycat, and to the winner of the Bol Vermeil, the Psaros 40 Oyster Funds.

Dona Bertarelli said: "It was very peaceful on board. We’ve never stopped and we were fine tuned. We always tacked. The M2, it was difficult, but we worked, worked and worked on”.

Antonio Calce - Corum CEO with Winner of the Bol Vermeil Oyster Funds
Antonio Calce, CEO of Corum, declared: To link the name of Corum to this legendary and prestigious regatta strengthens our historical legitimacy to sailing. We value involvement, perseverance and passion and we share with it with professional and amateur sailors. The 72 edition did not see the Okalys-Corum team take its 3rd victory after the successes of 2005 and 2007, but the story of the race still remains sealed by Corum as the record in the monohull category (Bol Vermeil) has been held by the Corum sailboat since 1994. I would like to congratulate the Ladycat team who wins the legendary regatta today and shows that it is know-how and tactic which is the most important”.

Nicolas Grange, owner and helmsman of the D35 Okalys-Corum added: "It was a very difficult Bol d’Or, we were not inspired and had trouble getting to the lead and spent the major part of the race by running ahead of the leading group before being overtaken by most of them in Evian. We finished the race at dawn after a relatively cold and rainy night. We keep the faith. It is a chemistry that requires: good tactic, a good boat, good team and an element of luck. But the luck was running out. The sail, but moreover the Bol d’Or Mirabaud presented by Corum, asks for humility. Since the D35 class has been in existence, there has been 7 editions of the Bol d’Or in Decision 35 with 6 different winners, and we are the only ones to have won a double. This confirms that the race is always very open".