TAG Heuer in New York with Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio


TAG Heuer in New York with Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio

The elegance of generosity & the essence of luxury

TAG Heuer’s new takes center stage
La Cote des Montres - November 20th, 2012

The Hollywood legend with the radiant smile.
The Swiss luxury watch with the sinuous silhouette.
Two superstars, instantly recognizable.
Cameron Diaz and her TAG Heuer Link Lady.
Feminine. Forceful. Audacious.
Symbols of contemporary glamor.

In every role, Cameron Diaz steals our hearts. So too does the new triple-threat watch and bijoux set from TAG Heuer bearing her name: the Cameron Diaz Link Lady Trilogy. The multi-wear watch, bracelet and ring collection reinterprets the Link’s glamorous lineage and redefines the whole notion of “femininity.”

Superb ergonomics, supreme comfort, effortless elegance: the Link, with its emblematic S-shapes, is one of the most successful designs in contemporary luxury. Avant-garde in the extreme, it is a pleasure to the eye as much as the wrist.

Its newest incarnations multiply the elegance. Created with Cameron Diaz to bring financial support to UN Women (The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women), the Link Lady Trilogy is a limited edition collection of the newly launched Link Lady – watch, ring and bracelet--designed exclusively for today’s most empowered women.

Women like the brand’s sparkling Ambassador. “ TAG Heuer is known as a quality luxury brand and I wanted my limited edition to reflect that sensibility” said Cameron Diaz ”I wanted to help create a set that a woman would feel was very special”.

Mix and match

The S-Shaped Universe expands  

The Link Lady Trilogy is more than a watch, and more than a piece of jewelry. It is the fullest expression of TAG Heuer’s savoir-faire in feminine luxury to date. Nestled in a precious jewel box are three dazzling elements -- the Link Lady watch, ring and bracelet--co-designed by one of the most daring actresses of our day.

The S-shaped links of the watch’s iconic bracelet are echoed in the the exquisite double-S links of the ring and the single-S links of the bracelet. All three, forged in the line’s signature polished stainless steel, catch the light and sparkle all day, and all night. Wear one, wear all: alone or ensemble, the three stellar bijoux, like the versatile TAG Heuer Ambassador whose signature graces the watch’s caseback, radiate star power.

The Link Lady Automatic is the first automatic watch for women in the Link Collection.The case is rounded and highly polished, reminiscent of a river stone. The dial design is delicately refined, with date window at 6 o’clock, and a stunning guilloche pattern of concentric lines across the face. The powerful movement is visible through the transparent sapphire caseback.

A covetable collectible for watch lovers and connoisseurs, the gorgeous 34.5mm timepiece with full diamond bezel is one of the most ultra-feminine creations ever produced by the brand.

The Limited Edition “Leonardo DiCaprio” Link Calibre 16 Chronograph


A benchmark of elegance and ultimate comfort since 1999, the best-selling Link collection has ceaselessly evolved to reflect the contemporary tastes and needs of TAG Heuer men and women.

Today, for men, there is a new watch at the helm: the Limited Edition “Leonardo DiCaprio” Link Calibre 16 Chronograph. The exclusive edition (2,000 pieces) has a magnificent navy-blue lacquered dial and is signed on the smoked sapphire caseback by Hollywood legend Leonardo DiCaprio. Proceeds from the sale of the blue-dial LDC Limited Edition Link will go to Leonardo DiCaprio’ environmental charity partners in the USA: Green Cross International and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

The Link starring Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, UN Women, Green Cross and the NRDC. A shining constellation of social responsibility in the luxury universe of TAG Heuer.

TAG Heuer "Link"

Hope and glamour in New York 

TAG Heuer Legends Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio Join Forces at Elegant Charity Event in New York to Support UN Womes and NY Cares’ Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort.

New York, November 11, 2012 – A glamorous soirée in the iconic Cullman Hall of the Universe on Central Park West was the setting of a star-studded charity drive by luxury Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer and its Hollywood brand ambassadors Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The exclusive event, held below the dramatic glass-cubed planetarium sphere in the American Museum of Natural History, brought together NY and Hollywood celebrities, business, fashion and media leaders from around the world and key figures of the international jet-set for a double-pronged charity push: to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, and raise awareness for gender equality and the empowerment of women worldwide.

The 500 guests in attendance, many of whom flew in expressly for the high-profile event, were regaled by a special performance of the New York City Ballet, before dancing the night away to the music of New York’s red-hot DJ Evalicious. For each guest, TAG Heuer pledged $100 to New York Cares’ Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund, and a further $100 to Cameron Diaz’s partner charity, UN Women (The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women).

The event marks the first time that TAG Heuer Ambassadors Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio combined forces for a TAG Heuer celebrity event. Welcomed on stage by thunderous applause, Cameron proudly displayed her new Link Lady Trilogy Limited Edition in steel, and was wearing a stunning Lanvin dress. On Leonardo’s wrist, he wore the new Link Limited Edition with blue dial. On stage, TAG Heuer President and CEO Jean-Christophe Babin offered to Cameron a yellow gold version of the trilogy, an exclusive set of watch and jewelry.

“TAG Heuer uniquely brings together the elegance of generosity and the essence of luxury,” said Cameron Diaz, a TAG Heuer Brand Ambassador since last March and a longtime supporter of UN Women. “I am very proud to be a part of their efforts to make the world a better and more beautiful place”.

Cameron Diaz and John Hendra
“Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of Hurricane Sandy,” said TAG Heuer President and CEO Jean-Christophe Babin. “Their resiliency in the face of such adversity is a true inspiration, as is the outpouring of support from communities worldwide. We’re proud to support New York Cares as it is the largest local volunteer organization dedicated to supporting those impacted by this devastating storm”.

Ulrich Wohn, Cameron Diaz, Jean-Christophe Babin, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Heuer
During the prestigious “place-to-be” event, TAG Heuer showcased its new collection of limited edition Link timepieces and jewelry. A benchmark of avant-garde design and ultimate comfort since 1987, the Link’s newest incarnations are: the Ladies’ Link Automatic Watch, the first automatic watch for women offered in the Link Lady line; the Link Lady Trilogy, a limited edition watch, ring and bracelet set co-designed by Cameron Diaz; and the “Leonardo DiCaprio” Link Calibre 16 Chronograph, a limited edition chronograph signed on its smoked sapphire caseback by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Profits from the sale of the stunning Link Lady Trilogy will go to support UN Women, while proceeds from the blue-dial LDC Limited Edition Link’s sales will go to Leonardo DiCaprio’s environmental charity partners, Green Cross International and the Natural Resources Defense Council ( NRDC).