Roger Dubuis - The Astral Gateway


Roger Dubuis - The Astral Gateway

Roger Dubuis - The Astral Gateway

Your destiny awaits you ...!
La Cote des Montres - January 14th, 2015

They are waiting for you... halfway between Earth and the Moon... Are you brave enough to open all the doors? Thus begins the tale of how Roger Dubuis, the pioneer of contemporary skeletons, will introduce its new fantasy World, symbolising the “Astral Skeleton” theme the brand has chosen to celebrate at the upcoming 2015 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie.

Never one to rest on laurels of any kind, be they technical, aesthetic or cyber-based, Roger Dubuis is set to unveil a new digital “countdown” on the road to the SIHH 2015, entitled “The Astral Gateway”.

Picking up on the “Astral Skeleton” theme, a concept which blends architectural & technical mechanics, the new digital cam- paign composed of seven short but thrilling films is designed to take spectators on a spiritual journey before they discover the new spectacular fantasy World created by Roger Dubuis for the SIHH 2015


Leading the way to the new “Astral Skeleton” fantasy World


Focusing on the idea that we are all seeking our lucky star, a new episode will be unveiled every day of the week of January 12th through 18th, leading up to a final ‘revelation’ film to be released on the opening day of the Roger Dubuis World at the Salon itself on January 19th.

Here, a surprise awaits visitors, who will for the first time be offered Oculus glasses enabling them to enjoy a sensorial 3D experience at the heart of the Astral Skeleton: “The Astral Skeleton Experience”.


The making of the movies: a Hitchcockian moment


Filmed in true Hitchcock style in a uninha- bited castle located deep inside one of the oldest and most secluded French states, it belonged for centuries to a great dynasty and was home to some of the most illustrious historical figures.

Worthy of any Hollywood studio with its spectacular decor and anxiety-provoking atmosphere, stirring emotions is the ultimate goal of each shot, in a manner reminiscent of iconic movies and television series such as The Blair Witch Project, The Shining or American Horror Story.

Using camera angles to jerk the observer into the feeling of the moment, bringing specta- tors closer or tearing them away, the audience is allowed to feel like they are involved in the action.

Scenes begin by panning a room showing close-ups of objects that explain plot ele- ments and contributing to the general aura of suspense and intrigue.


Finding your lucky star


The plot takes the form of an interactive discovery in a supernatural house, inside which each meeting begins with the opening of a new door. Spectators are plunged into the heart of seven meetings with different mediums by the central character, who progresses with point of view shots giving spectators the impression that it is actually they who are living the scenes. Behind each door, magic and suspense await the spectator in a highly particular atmosphere.

With every opening, the spectator is confronted and addressed by a medium whose speech is punctuated by disturbing shots. Flashbacks? Visions? All will be revealed!

Throughout the films, spectators come closer to their star and certain truths... Clues provide the trail to achieving the ultimate quest. While a door may open onto an illusionary path towards this star, the eighth and final door is the only one that allows it to be attained without going mad.


A new star-studded campaign


“The Astral Gateway” digital campaign follows on from last year’s award-winning experience, the “GoodbyeCuckoo, #Hel- loExtraordinar y” campaign.

The latter became a YouTube case study, appeared in the “Limitless Creativity” film showcased at the YouTube Brandcast Paris last September, and was awarded in the “Brand Content” category at the Grand Prix Stratégies /Amaury Médias du Luxe 2014 (France).

This star-studded trajectory is set to be conti- nued by Facebook Hong Kong which will also be conducting a case study, following the campaign being featured in the run-up to Watches&Wonders 2014.

Discover The Astral Gateway campaign teaser now on Roger Dubuis’ YouTube channel: Don’t miss the first episode on January 12th and share the #AstralSkeleton experience... Your destiny awaits you ...!