Hublot Ambassador Novak Djokovic’s landmark win


Hublot Ambassador Novak Djokovic’s landmark win

Hublot Ambassador Novak Djokovic’s landmark win

23rd Grand Slam at the French Open
La Cote des Montres - June 12th, 2023

Novak Djokovic makes tennis and sports history by winning all-time record:
23rd Grand Slam at the French Open

Hublot ambassador Novak Djokovic’s landmark win confirms his position as the greatest and most decorated player in tennis history.

What a match! What a player! What an historic moment! In Paris yesterday afternoon, Hublot ambassador Novak Djokovic won the French Open, his 23rd Grand Slam, making him the most successful player in tennis history. Nole becomes the first male tennis player to reach 23 slams, an astonishing record that may never be bettered. And he’s not done yet! Congratulations Nole! We’re so proud of you!

Nole’s most recent triumph is a further symbol of what he calls “inat”, a Serbian word that has no literal translation into English, but which characterises his relentless, courageous pursuit of excellence. Nole is a true warrior on court, never giving up, always fighting for every point, every win. And off court he’s the same, fully committed to his craft, his passions and of course to his family and friends. His spirit, humility and unique achievements make him a true inspiration, a one-of- a-kind. Nole, we salute you!


Nole, 36, turned professional in 2003 and over the past two decades has rewritten tennis history, achieving what many thought impossible, defying the odds and overcoming adversity time and again with his iron will to become the greatest tennis player ever to pick up a racquet. He won his first Grand Slam in 2008 when he picked up the Australian Open title and in the years since, has amassed multiple all-time records, setting himself apart in the most competitive chapter in tennis history.

As well as winning 23 Grand Slams, Nole has also spent more weeks as world number one than any other player, male or female, in history, and finished the year as the highest ranked men’s player a record seven times. He has won 38 ATP Masters 1000 titles, also more than any other player in history.

In all, he has won 94 career titles and is one of only eight men to have completed the Career Grand Slam, winning each of the four majors at least once, and one of only four to complete the Double Career Grand Slam. He is also the only male player to have held all four Grand Slam titles at once, and the only player in tennis history to have won all four Grand Slams, all nine ATP 1000 titles and the ATP Tour Finals. Even more remarkably, he has won them all at least twice. Nole, you’re the best!

“Congratulations Nole! What can we say! You are simply amazing! You are an inspiration, a source of enormous joy, a lionheart, the ultimate professional and a true friend. Every year you push yourself to new triumphs, proving you truly are first, different and unique. There’s no one like Nole! On behalf of everyone in the Hublot family, our heartiest and most sincere congratulations on your record-breaking 23rd Grand Slam, and wish you every success as your incredible journey continues. Enjoy this moment. Hublot loves Nole!”
Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot

Novak Djokovic joined the Hublot family of ambassadors in 2021. He is a symbol of professionalism, sportsmanship and humility, and in striving to be the best and giving it everything in pursuit of his dreams, he embodies the same powerful values that define Hublot’s unique approach to fine watchmaking. He belongs to an illustrious club of Hublot ambassadors who have reached the peak of their sports. From Pelé, Usain Bolt, Alex Morgan, Kylian Mbappé, Dustin Johnson to Nole’s fellow Grand-Slam-winning tennis player Simona Halep, Hublot stands proudly alongside men and women who are champions on and off the field.


About Hublot


Hublot is a Swiss watch manufacturer founded in 1980 and based in Nyon. For its first-ever timepiece, this fundamentally disruptive company combined gold with a rubber strap in a case with a design inspired by a ship’s porthole (“hublot” in French). Thus, the “Art of Fusion” was born, blending tradition, innovation, craftsmanship, worlds and talents. It became the brand’s aesthetic and technical signature.

This identity was strengthened in 2005 with the Big Bang, which attested to an unrivalled know-how in terms of complications, manufacture movements and state-of-the-art materials. Carbon, titanium, ceramic and sapphire have been developed on this model to technical extremes.

This ground-breaking, high-quality approach to watchmaking is summed up in its philosophy, “Be First, Unique and Different.” It gradually led to other collections with innovative designs: Classic Fusion, Spirit of Big Bang, Square Bang and Manufacture Pieces. These draw on high levels of craftsmanship, both in terms of the materials so dear to Hublot (such as Magic Gold, brightly-coloured ceramics and sapphires) and its manufacture movements (Unico chronograph, Meca-10 and large complications such as the Tourbillon, the Cathedral Minute Repeater and the specific Manufacture Pieces movements).

Hublot’s world extends to powerful partnerships, including football. “Hublot Loves Football” has become the slogan at the world’s biggest sporting events (such as the FIFA World Cup™, Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA EURO™) and through its ambassadors. This love of football continues in art, design, music, sport, fine dining and sailing.

Lastly, Hublot’s implication in joint environmental projects with SORAI and Polar Pod reflects its concern for the issues of the day. Almost 125 boutiques around the world share Hublot’s fervour and values, alongside the e-commerce.