In salute to the world’s most discerning women...


In salute to the world’s most discerning women,

Vacheron Constantin revisits three stunning designs
La Cote des Montres - December 18th, 2005

Vacheron Constantin "Malte"
At the time, their launch created a sensation. Conceived by one of the world’s leading full-fledged watch manufacturers, with more than 250 years of demonstrated technical and design excellence to its credit, each design was hailed at birth as an eloquent, original salute to contemporary womanhood and its inalienable freedom of choice. In style and character, all three set new standards of assertive elegance.

A lean and lithe silhouette of arrestingly original proportions, diamonds outlining sensually flowing case lines, a fabulous watch face featuring gem-studded complications—a convincing demonstration that Vacheron Constantin’s craft watchmakers continue to do as well or better than many an acknowledged master of Haute Couture and Haute Jewelry.

“Do better if possible...”


As accomplished as it unfailingly is, a timepiece by Vacheron Constantin will always allow its designers to improve on perfection, add novel refinements and further enhance its exclusive aesthetic and technical character. Such is precisely the case with the celebrated “1972 Grand Modèle Cambré”, the ever stylish “Egérie” and a dazzling feminine design from the Vacheron Constantin “Malte” collection.

The first displays a larger, more spectacular version of its revolutionary asymmetrical case, the second is now available with a gem-set bracelet patterned on its superbly cambered lines while the third’s entirely gem-set case adds sparkling splendor to an already powerful personality.

Unusual bracelet designs, fabulous case makeovers – whatever the timepiece, the art and the talent of its master craftsmen continue to impel Vacheron Constantin’s destiny with a sense of purpose and a creative vigor born over two and a half centuries ago.

More than ever, for contemporary women everywhere time by Vacheron Constantin is a feast for the eyes!

1972 Grand Modèle Cambré

Sizing up a master stroke 

Vacheron Constantin "1972 Grand Modèle Cambré"
Its boldly asymmetrical lines created quite a stir when it first burst on the scene in the early 1970s – so much so that Vacheron Constantin’s “1972” was awarded the prestigious “Diplôme du Prestige de la France” the year of its launch. If ever a watch design gamble paid off, the “1972” was it! Today’s “1972 Grand Modèle Cambré” amplifies the original idea, further underlining its originality with a graceful, wrist-hugging curvature.

The design’s fresh, trim looks drew its inspiration from the aesthetic directness and sense of balance of the second half of the twentieth century. If it assuredly certainly surprised a lot of people, the “1972” proved an immediate success both among seasoned industry observers and discerning collectors. It has never looked back since, conquering new territories wherever contemporary design and pioneering fashion hold sway. Its 1999 makeover and 2004 reinterpretation have earned its unforgettable geometry fresh adepts, fascinated by the eternal youthfulness of an understated design that has remained as crisp and as original as on the day of its launch.

Vacheron Constantin "1972 Grand Modèle Cambré"
Reflecting the art and skill of Vacheron Constantin’s elite watchmakers, gem jewelers and goldsmiths, today’s powerfully assertive ”1972 Grand Modèle Cambré” design is available in novel variants celebrating a fluid, curving silhouette whose wrist-hugging comfort sets new standards of feminine elegance.

Today a absolute reference in matters of horological excellence, daywear versions of Vacheron Constantin’s “1972 Grand Modèle Cambré” come in white gold with silvered or dark blue dial featuring shimmering, mirror-finished stylized hour markers and Roman numerals, completed by the attractive hue of a moire or alligator mississipiensis strap. For evening wear it offers a choice of pink or white gold enhanced with 585 diamonds weighing 3.93 carats. Along with its colored dials, the “1972 Grand Modèle Cambré” features a face paved with 308 diamonds totaling 2.17 carat. The watch’s colored moire strap adds to its dazzling personality with a buckle set with 25 diamonds.

Technical Specifications


References: 25010 and 25510

Caliber: 1202, quartz

Indications: hours and minutes

Movement thickness: 2.10 mm

Case: 18K white or pink gold set with 308 brilliant-cut diamonds (2.17 carats)

Water resistance: to 30 meters (~ 100 feet)

Dial: silvered with satin finish or dark blue with mirror-finished numerals and markers for the white gold model; silvered with satin finish and mirror-finished numerals and markers or pink satin finish for the pink gold model; fully paved with 252 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.66 carat)

Strap: hand-stitched alligator mississipiensis leather or genuine moiré

Clasp: classic, in 18K white or pink gold set with 25 diamonds (0.10 ct)


Streamlining the flight of time 

Vacheron Constantin "Egérie"
Introduced in 2003 as an exemplary piece of contemporary watch design, the Egérie possesses a tonneau-shaped case whose flawlessly streamlined proportions now extend to the chased yellow or white gold bracelet newly added to the Egérie collection.

Inspired by the exceptionally creative Art Nouveau period, long a prime source of inspiration for Vacheron Constantin designers, Egérie’s subtly streamlined silhouette fits snugly on the wrist with truly sensual elegance.

Echoing a distant, mystery-shrouded past, Egérie’s very name radiates a seductive charm born as an ancient Roman myth associating the nymph Egeria with births and springs. Legend has it that she provided Numa Pompilius, who followed Romulus on the Roman throne, with wise, well-considered advice. She went on to become the legendary inspiration of artists, a shrewd counselor of political figures and the beloved muse of poets and writers.

From nymph of legend to woman of the third millennium, Vacheron Constantin’s quest of inspired perfection led its designers to conceive the fluidly streamlined creation of today.

Vacheron Constantin "Egérie"
Now duly scaled down, the Egérie case’s exact shape is arrayed in five rows to compose a smoothly flexible and finely polished bracelet. It is available either in 18K white or yellow gold or even more spectacularly set with diamonds down both sides of the bracelet as well as fully paved, forming with the dial and the case a sparkling river of 1,331 diamonds weighing 6.31 carats.

Eminently challenging in design and link-after-link execution, the gem-setting work on the Egérie bracelet provides an impressive demonstration of the virtuosity of Vacheron Constantin’s master craftsmen. It furthermore confirms that the centuries-old art crafts which the company so lovingly nurtures match its impressive horological expertise. The latter is apparent in the refinement of the caliber 1400, 20-jewel handwound mechanical movement fitted in the Egérie’s case. Visible through the latter’s transparent back, its steady 28,800 vibrations-per-hour beat and 40-hour power reserve help make this compact mechanical beauty more than worthy of the rare and prestigious Hallmark of Geneva indication of provenance it carries.

The Egérie Collection also features a complete range of models fitted with a Vacheron Constantin high-precision quartz movement lodged in a white or yellow 18K gold case, optionally enhanced with a choice of diamond settings.

Technical Specifications


Mechanical model

Reference: 81541

Caliber: 1400, handwound mechanical, bearing the Hallmark of Geneva indication of provenance

Indications: Hours and minutes

Movement thickness: 2.60 mm

Movement diameter: 20.35 mm (9 lines)

Jewelling: 20

Power reserve: 40 hours

Rate frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour

Case: 18K white gold, set with 314 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 2.11 carats

Dial: Fully paved with 359 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.9 carat

Hands Baton: style 18K gold

Water resistance: To 30 meters (~ 100 feet)

Bracelet: In 18K white gold; links totally paved with 658 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 3.30 carats

Clasp: Three-ply design

Quartz models

References: 25040, 25540 and 25541

Caliber: 1202, quartz

Indications: Hours and minutes

Movement thickness: 2.10 mm

Movement diameter: 15.30

Jewelling: 4

Rate frequency: 32,768 Hertz

Case: 18K yellow or white gold, polished, bezel set with 48 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.94 ct) or 312 brilliant-cut diamonds (2.10 cts)

Dial: Wave-pattern engine-turned finish; 18K gold numerals and markers. The white gold version is optionally available with a dial paved with 359 diamonds totaling 0.90 ct

Hands Baton: style 18K gold

Water resistance: To 30 meters (~ 100 feet)

Strap: Colored sateen or 18K yellow or white gold. Jewellery version set with 656 diamonds (3.07 cts)

Clasp: Standard buckle in 18K gold, set with 21 diamonds on the gem-set version


A stylish encounter of complex timekeeping and sublime jewelry 

Vacheron Constantin - "Malte"
With its generously dimensioned case featuring original, fan-shaped lugs, graphically assertive dial face and facetted hands, the Malte collection’s feminine model created immediate excitement when it was launched in 2002.

Its obviously contemporary design all but called out for one or more complex horological function. Here, a display of the phases of the moon and of the reserve power of its movement, a caliber 1400 design bearing the prestigious Geneva Hallmark indication of provenance, add their distinctive character to a feminine design made more attractive still by the rareness of watches featuring “complications” designed specifically for women.

Yet Vacheron Constantin stylists were not yet done with this compact masterpiece of watchmaking magic and have just added a measure of jeweled splendor to its horological wizardry.
Its white gold case’s diamond-set bezel now frames a white or mauve natural mother-of-pearl dial enhanced with diamond hour markers circling a power-reserve indication and a display of the phases of the moon, the latter enhanced with 14 brilliant-cut diamonds set on a shimmering golden ground.

Vacheron Constantin - "Malte"
Two white gold versions of this now-celebrated Malte lady’s model with complications are available today with a case whose bezel, frame and bracelet lugs are entirely set with 184 diamonds totaling some 1.70 carat. Thirteen more diamonds enliven the standard buckle in 18K gold of their alligator mississipiensis leather strap.
At the heart of this Malte design beats a movement remarkable for its exceptionally fine hand finish. A circular-grain pattern decorates both sides and every recess of its mainplate, whose edge even bears decorative parallel file marks, while its every edge and sink is carefully polished. What’s more, all bridges and bars bear a classic “côtes de Genève” ribbed pattern.

Not content with embellishing the movement’s visible components, Vacheron Constantin’s perfectionist master watchmakers also decorated parts no one is ever likely to see! They circular-grained and polished all wheels, beveling their arms, or spokes, for good measure. Pinions were polished with buffing wheels made of wood. All steel parts and components underwent circular grinding and their edges given decorative parallel file marks. After beveling their edges and slot, all flat screw heads were polished, as were all rounded and curved surfaces.
The watchcase’s transparent back reveals just how painstaking Vacheron Constantin’s watchmakers, goldsmiths and jewelers are when it comes to upholding the company’s centuries-old craft traditions, both aesthetic and technical.

Technical Specifications


References: 83505

Caliber: number 1410, handwound mechanical, bearing the Hallmark of Geneva indication of origin

Movement thickness: 4.20 mm

Movement diameter: 20.35 mm (9 lines)

Jewelling: 22

Power reserve: 40 hours

Frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour

Functions: Hours, minutes, phases of the moon, power-reserve indication

Dial: white or mauve natural mother-of-pearl

Case: 18K white gold set with 184 diamonds (1.70 ct)

Water resistance: To 30 meters (~ 100 feet)

Strap: Padded, hand-stitched alligator mississipiensis leather

Clasp: Standard buckle in 18K white gold, set with 13 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.09 ct)