Chopard Imperiale Joaillerie

Chopard Imperiale Joaillerie

The colours of the rainbow

March 18th, 2016
Splendid. Daring. Majestic. The Imperiale collection welcomes an exceptional creation reflecting its inherent nature. A stunning watch, a technical feat transformed into an aesthetic treasure. An array of sapphires like the sky after a storm, serving as the backdrop for an extraordinary rainbow.

A jewellery masterpiece

The mesmerizing, fascinating Imperiale Joaillerie decked out in rainbow colours immediately draws all eyes to it. 581 sapphires, more than 1,000 hours of work to select, cut, sort and set stones totalling 47.98 carats: the figures are mind-blowing. Nonetheless, from the very first glance at this creation, such stats vanish to make way for emotions. This jewellery masterpiece is adorned in subtly graded shades covering the entire colour spectrum – from majestic purple (the emblematic colour of the Imperiale collection) to anise green through an entire galaxy of blues, reds and yellows – running through the thousand and one nuances composing this kaleidoscope of colours. These chromatic variations create a firework-like burst, a dazzling and ever-renewed sight that catches and holds the gaze.
A whole host of patient, expert and inventive hands in the jewellery and watchmaking workshops of the Geneva-based Manufacture have successfully devoted their attention to this exceptional work of art. They have given life to an 18ct rose gold watch entirely set with baguette-cut sapphires, forming a colour scale entirely covering the dial, case and bracelet. The crown and lug-covers are adorned with amethysts. The selection, cutting, sorting and setting of the stones called for exceptional expertise and herculean efforts on the part of the Chopard artisans who lavished 1,012 hours on these operations alone. Just like in the finest fairy tales, the watch appears to be attired in an haute couture dress reflecting all the colours of the rainbow and forming an exquisitely delicate ‘fabric’. Ticking steadily and secretly beneath this luminous mantle is the heart of a self-winding movement.

A Chopard movement

Entirely developed and produced in the workshops of Fleurier Ebauches, the Chopard Group company which is devoted to industrial-scale movement production, the Chopard 01.03-C calibre powering the Imperiale Joaillerie beats at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hertz) and has a barrel ensuring an excellent 60-hour power reserve – a set of characteristics ensuring the reliability, performance and precision of this mechanical self-winding movement. Chopard Calibre 01.03-C shines in all its luminous, multi-coloured splendour through an exhibition case-back.

The Imperiale Joaillerie in rainbow colours perfectly symbolises the collection to which it belongs. Imperiale has above all an unmistakable aura and a magnetic presence, like the women who wear it. The self-assured, all-conquering and radiant Imperiale watch and jewellery collection echoes the grandeur of Empires. It transposes its identity codes into a modern interpretation and expresses its sculptural lines through stylish, sensual femininity. Its marvellous energy is now captured and exalted in the rainbow-coloured Imperiale Joaillerie watch, the crowning glory of this empire of resplendent purple and sparkling light. A timepiece fit for an empress.