Chopard Happy Hearts Valentine’s Day 2017

Chopard Happy Hearts Valentine’s Day 2017

A flurry of hearts for a declaration

January 4th, 2017
For Valentine’s Day, Chopard turns the spotlight on one of its flagship lines, Happy Hearts. This romantic variation on the Happy Diamonds theme, combining spinning diamonds and hearts, is enriched with rings and also welcomes bracelets with new materials. Exactly what it takes to appeal to modern young women with a taste for chic and lively fashion.

A token of love, a lucky charm and a motif cherished by Caroline Scheufele, the heart is a recurrent theme in the work of the Geneva-based Maison. Allied with the famous Happy Diamonds, the other Chopard symbol, it now has its own emblematic collection, naturally named Happy Hearts.

After the exquisite bangle-style bracelets that have become the showpiece of the line, alongside pendants and earrings adorned with coloured stones such as onyx or mother-of-pearl or indeed set with diamonds, charming rings are making a noteworthy entrance to the collection.


Rings for Valentine’s Day

Picking up the bracelet design, the bangle-style rings face each other in a graceful pas de deux – with colourful hearts enclosing a moving diamond appearing at either end. Generous sized spherical models in rose or white gold display a sprinkling of hearts in the same colour, including an adorable smaller heart housing a moving diamond.

Happy Hearts feature fine slender white or rose gold chains dotted with wide open hearts and dainty hearts enclosing mobile diamonds. The supple nature of these jewellery creations, combined with the moving diamonds and the random nature of the motifs, compose a jewellery line imbued with distinctive chic and exquisite femininity.

In 2016, Chopard presented a completely new approach to the Happy Hearts collection, in which colour made a magnificent entrance, with turquoise, onyx, mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli or set diamond-set hearts rubbing shoulders with traditionally open hearts. The line now features a stellar new bangle bracelet graced with two hearts – one in colour and the other enclosing a moving diamond – facing each other at each tip and performing an elegant pas de deux.

Vibrant red to celebrate Valentine’s Day on behalf of the Happy Hearts Fund

As well as being a symbol of love, the heart is also that of the Happy Hearts Fund founded in 2006 by Petra Nemcova in order to help children left destitute in the wake of natural disasters. For Valentine’s day, Caroline Scheufele dedicates the bangle bracelet adorned with a vibrant red heart to the Happy Hearts Fund, which Chopard has been supporting since 2013.