Chanel Coco Crush

Chanel Coco Crush

A new highly desirable collection

May 25th, 2015
CHANEL Fine Jewellery presents Coco Crush, a new collection entirely dedicated to the “matelassé” or quilted pattern. Finely engraved into the gold, this stylized quilted pattern gives birth to a collection of rings and a cuff-bracelet with generous and feminine lines. In its simplicity, the radical and resolutely contemporary spirit of the Coco Crush collection expresses all the values of modernity and refinement that have distinguished CHANEL Fine Jewellery since its origins.

A collection that will take your breath away. The legendary quilted effect now in jewellery form. Instead of leather, the pattern is in yellow and white gold. Available as a ring or cuff, these six euphoric pieces, hedonistic pleasures, are voluptuous, sensual and timeless.

A new highly desirable collection from CHANEL Fine Jewellery. Jewellery without taboos that incites intense, joyful desire.

The legendary quilted effect

1920: CHANEL uses the quilted motif in fashion for the first time. It would eventually become a brand icon, just like pearls, the color beige and the cropped black jacket.

2015: The fine jewellery creative studio creates a new interpretation of this signature motif.

White or yellow gold, simple yet precious jewellery to cherish forever.

Showcasing refined curves and channeling the essence of motions, these rings and cuffs are adorned with sleek engraved designs evoking the quilted motif. They feature scalloped edges for comfortable wear for all occasions.


The range

Featuring sleek engraved designs in white or yellow gold, the six pieces from the Coco Crush collection (five rings and one cuff) adorn the finger or wrist with voluptuous, feminine style..

Coco Crush cuff in 18k yellow gold. Ref.: J10572 • 19000 €
Coco Crush cuff in 18k yellow gold.
Ref.: J10572 • 19000 €

Offering varying intensity, these rounded, quilted “bands” of gold are available in three ring size and one cuff size..

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