Cartier Trinity Ring

Cartier Trinity Ring

Love. friendship, fidelity. Trinity. All about you forever!

November 10th, 2015

The Trinity ring is a star that burns bright in the firmament of Cartier jewellery. Named for the three stylish bands whose cosmic signature has been stoking the imagination ever since Cartier records in 1924 first mentioned a ring composed of three intertwined bands made of platinum, red, gold and yellow gold. Men and women alike were irresistibly drawn to the ring’s simultaneously cosmic and sentimental appeal. The ring’s cult appeal was sparked by French poet, visionary, trendsetter and 1920s icon Jean Cocteau, who faithfully wore two of them, always on the same finger.

As both muse and symbol of Cartier, the Trinity ring defies time and fashion in a statement of style and identity.

With pink gold for love, yellow gold for fidelity, and grey gold for friendship, the three Cartier-stamped bands form an essential bond, the emphatic ideal of all it represents: a token of love affairs, the future of generations, or betrothed to the ring finger.

Three rings loaded with meaning that burst into life at any age without warning. An eternal signature. Trinity. All about you forever!

Original Trinity

The original, timeless classic three bands, to be passed on from generation to generation, from him to her, from her to them, spanning lifetimes. An essential piece of jewellery, a grand classic in grey gold, pink gold and yellow gold. A symbol of fidelity, friendship and love. The thumb rubs this ring in a ritualistic gesture. This circular phenomenon is above all elegant, and therein lies the secret of its longevity: the roundness of the band, its generosity, its colours, tenderness in filigree, like a family secret. Love, friendship, fidelity. All about you forever!

Cartier Original Trinity  - Trinity chain necklace
Cartier Original Trinity - Trinity chain necklace

Sweet Trinity

The tender, delicate and refined version of the three bands, the Sweet Trinity collection curls up gracefully against the skin in a flurry of sweetness and light. Pink gold, white gold and yellow gold flow together, tied with a filiform chain. A soupcon of jewellery, this miniature version of the Three Bands clings to every movement, adds tenderness to every gesture, and injects femininity into every day. One, two, three... Bracelets, necklaces, pendant and stud earrings, tiny skin jewels to start the season in Trinity. A subtle, delicate gift for mother or child alike, or a treat for oneself! Love. friendship, fidelity. Trinity. All about you forever!

Trinity Twist

The three-banded ring dramatically dabbles in ephemeral collector’s pieces, inspired feats of creativity, virtuoso jewellery. A spectacular cocktail of draped sautoirs, black and white or colored variations, ceramic and diamond rings, and dappled panther pieces. The icon is extravagantly, sparklingly, inventively revisited, reflecting a personalised signature: the Trinity connection, magic talisman of its identity. Love, friendship, fidelity. All about you forever!

Cartier Trinity Twist