Cartier Papyrus watch

Cartier Papyrus watch

Lush renderings of nature
– High Jewellery watch –

May 14th, 2017
For the 2017 edition, Cartier has chosen to showcase its dual fields of expertise, watchmaking and jewellery, in a glittering display of gemstones. The crossover between the two arts has inspired a dialogue which, driven by shared passion, creates beautiful shapes in pieces designed to stand the test of time.


Bringing stones to life

New horizons beckon, ushering in ground-breaking and breathtaking compositions that ingeniously unite jewellery and watchmaking. The High Jewellery watch realises its full potential in these spectacular timepieces that honour the legacy of the jeweller’s art with the skill of the master watchmaker. Cartier assiduously sources, matches and even re-cuts stones in its quest to reveal the gem’s soul. This creative process goes beyond aesthetics or technical milestones – Cartier breathes life into these stones, transfiguring the splendour of these precious materials.

Cartier draws on this dual perspective to showcase a wealth of inspiration in its gems. The same incomparable expertise is deployed whether abstract or figurative, evident within the menagerie and the oral style.


The creativity of the jeweller, the expertise of the watchmaker

The art of Cartier permeates this watch comprising an unusual ensemble of 32 emeralds for a total weight of 38.20 carats. In the Papyrus watch, Cartier succeeds in liberating the exquisite splendour of the gems. Set ablaze at a glance, the stones are free to glitter, glint and twinkle.

A legacy of inspiration and modern design

Upon encountering this extraordinary set of emeralds, the designers of the Maison immediately grasped the need to showcase the entire ensemble within a suitably sized mounting. Inspired by the verdant pastel hue of the gemstones – reminiscent of foliage – the designers selected a papyrus motif, a favoured form in drawings from the Cartier Archives. They chose to creatively interpret the papyrus flower, a decorative motif typical of ancient Egypt, liberally redesigning the papyrus leaf into a broad form flaring outwards in a stylised and modern dynamic rendering.

Papyrus watch – white gold, 32 cushion-shaped Zambian emeralds for a total weight of 38.20 carats, onyx, triangular diamonds, brilliant-cut diamonds, mechanical movement with manual winding, calibre 846.

The emeralds were paired two by two, ensuring an elegant arrangement. Almost 8 carats were shed in re-cutting to instil a perfect harmony of form and a uniform colouring: a lush, almost sparkling green with a hint of yellow. The lifelike appearance of the gemstones is enhanced by their apparent freedom to move; in the expert hands of the jeweller, they seem to rustle as the stalk of the papyrus sways in the breeze. The dial, occupying a minuscule space at the centre of the composition, is a jewel in its own right. This masterful feat of watchmaking is framed by diamonds and accentuated by the two triangular - shaped diamonds that serve as hour markers at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock.

The ability to breathe life into stone is one of many secrets nurtured within the heart of Cartier watchmaking.

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