Bell & Ross × Alain Silberstein Black Ceramic Trilogy


Bell & Ross × Alain Silberstein Black Ceramic Trilogy

Bell & Ross
Alain Silberstein
Black Ceramic Trilogy

Grail Watch 4
La Cote des Montres - January 6th, 2023

For Grail Watch 4, Alain Silberstein turns dream into reality and takes the Bell & Ross square-cased watch into his world of whimsical geometric forms and primary colors.


by Wei Koh

Founder of Revolution,
The Rake & Grail Watch  

I would like to start by first wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and a great 2023.

Last year, we launched Grail Watch with a collaboration between the legendary Alain Silberstein and one of my favorite brands, Ressence, founded by Belgian designer Benoît Mintiens. That watch, christened the “Carpe Diem,” was created in a limited edition of 36 pieces and featured a memento mori design with a tulip hour indicator and a “kawaii” skull showing the seconds. All three of us — Silberstein, Mintiens and I — were hugely grateful for the watch community’s support for the first Grail Watch, which sold out quickly and now trades for over four times its original retail price.

On behalf of everyone involved in the creation of the watch, we want to say a massive thank you to the watch fam.

This year, it gives me inordinate pleasure to unveil Grail Watch’s second Alain Silberstein collaboration — this time, it is with two of the kindest and nicest individuals in the watch industry, Carlos Rosillo and Bruno Belamich of Bell & Ross. Together with them, Alain has created a trilogy of timepieces based on their iconic BR 03, famously inspired by aviation cockpit instruments. The new Grail Watch 4: Bell & Ross × Alain Silberstein Black Ceramic Trilogy consists of a BR 03 time-only model with date, a BR 03 diving watch and a BR 03 chronograph.

How did this special collaboration come about? Two years ago, I approached Silberstein to discuss who his dream collaborators might be. I still remember with total clarity when he said, “Wei, if I could work with anyone, it would be Ressence, because Benoît, like myself, is a designer who comes from outside the watch industry but has brought a fresh perspective to horology. And it would be Bell & Ross, because the BR 01 is, in my opinion, one of the most unique and iconic timepieces of our millennium.” Indeed, the Bell & Ross BR 01 has become one of the most enduring and totally original watch designs of the modern era since its launch in 2005. Silberstein adds, “The BR 01 was an act of design brilliance. The idea of taking inspiration from an aviation instrument panel and transporting this iconography to a wristwatch resulted in one of the most important watches of the era.”

I sought to make these two dream collaborations, first with Ressence, now with Bell & Ross, into reality.


A perfect lunch


Cut to a few months later at the stunning restaurant in Paris’ Saint James, a hotel and private club also known as Rosillo’s second living room, for the very first time, two of horology’s greatest designers met each other. It was extraordinary to see how quickly and immediately Belamich and Silberstein became friends. Over the course of the meal, Rosillo and I quietly marveled as the pair began sketching the blueprint of the collaboration.

Says Silberstein, “It was Bruno’s idea to take the very essence of each of our design languages and pare it down to its barest elements. Because of this, we immediately decided to make the three watches in black ceramic because of the purity of the black case and dial, which would serve as a canvas for the primary colors of my hands. For me, this was perfect because I had always made black watches in the past but never in ceramic, which is the only truly scratch-resistant material. I was delighted that I would finally have my ceramic watch.”

When the lunch was finished, all four of us looked at the numerous possible watches that had been designed and realized that something very special had been created.

While the designs came quickly over the course of an amazing day in Paris, the actual watches took some time to perfect. Specifically, it took us more than a year and a half to bring them to fruition, thanks to the several technical puzzles we had to solve.

Says Silberstein, “With the chronograph, Carlos explained that the seconds hand was by far the largest one ever fitted to one of their watches, and we had to ensure the reset function worked perfectly each and every time so it would align exactly at zero. With the diving watch, we had to make sure these huge oversized hands were as light as possible, so they wouldn’t affect the overall precision of the movement. And then to make a two-color ceramic bezel was a major challenge.”

Says Rosillo, “It’s true that the watches turned out to be far more complex than we ever anticipated, but we promised each other we would only launch them when they were perfect.”

Today, that time has arrived. It fills me with happiness to guide you through the three timepieces that comprise this collaboration. All three watches use the BR 03 case, which at 42 mm × 42 mm is significantly smaller than the original BR 01’s 46 mm × 46 mm. This is in deference to the fact that collective tastes have shifted back to more classical dimensions. At 42 mm × 42 mm without lugs, the BR 03 is the perfect size for any wrist and effortless to wear. All three watches also use black ceramic for their cases and are fitted with black rubber straps.

For these watches, Silberstein, Rosillo and Belamich decided not to use any brand logos. Says Belamich, “We decided to simply use the ampersand that already features prominently in our brand name, because what better symbol for a collaboration between equals could you imagine?”

Grail Watch 4

Bell & Ross × Alain Silberstein
BR 03-92 KLUB 22 

The time-only model is the purest expression of the collaboration between Silberstein’s and Belamich’s design philosophies. On a pure matte black ceramic case and jet-black dial, we see the hands transform from functional objects into massive oversized geometric forms evoking a sense of playfulness, optimism and humor. A huge red circle describes the hours, an oversized blue arrow reads the minutes, while an S-shaped form in bold yellow indicates the passing of the seconds. The dial is interrupted only by the subtle date indicator.

At the same time, the minute track is pure Bell & Ross, expressing the rugged instrument typography gleaned from cockpit instruments. Providing an additional jolt of visual energy, the four cardinal markers have also been turned primary yellow. The crown of the watch, meanwhile, features an engraved ampersand logo.

The time-only watch features an automatic movement with date function, the caliber BR.CAL-302. It is priced at USD 4,400 and will be made in 200 examples.
  • Short lug design wears smaller on the wrist
  • Minimalist ampersand logo that reflects the collaboration
  • Large red circle with lumed tip as the hour hand
  • Matte black dial
  • Visible screws on top case similar to an aircraft’s instrument panel
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Black rubber strap with debossed logo
  • 42 x 42 mm matte black ceramic case
  • Water resistant to 100 m
  • Oversized blue arrow with lumed tip as the minute hand
  • Knurled black ceramic crown with engraved ampersand logo
  • Quickset date at 4:30
  • Luminous minute track
  • S-shaped seconds hand
  • Quarter indexes printed in primary yellow for enhanced legibility

  • Price: USD 4,400
  • Availability: limited and numbered edition of 200 pieces

Grail Watch 4

Bell & Ross × Alain Silberstein
BR 03-92 MARINE 22 

The diver model expresses Silberstein’s most daring new interpretation of his design language while still retaining its functional utility as a submersible timepiece.

Says Silberstein, “I wanted the watch to feature the high visibility of the luminous hour and minute hands and bezel, so that it would function perfectly as a diving watch even if it happens to be an engagingly artistic timepiece.” This timepiece therefore features the very first use of Silberstein’s “Maxi” hands, a blue circular hand with a massive luminous plot for the hours, and a huge red triangle inlaid with luminous material for the all-important minute hand that provides a reading for elapsed dive time.

Silberstein and Belamich also worked extensively on a two-tone ceramic bezel with the last 20 minutes of the insert colored red and featuring a full set of 20-minute markers with luminous indexes. Says Silberstein, “Traditionally, decompression stops at different depths take five minutes, and so we wanted to optimize the bezel to provide an easy reading for this.”

The diver model is depth rated to 300 meters, features a screw-down crown and is powered by the same automatic movement with date function as the time only model, caliber BR.CAL-302. It is priced at USD 5,600 and will be made in a series of 100 examples.
  • 12 o’clock bezel pip printed in primary yellow
  • 12 o’clock marker printed in primary yellow
  • Lume-filled “Maxi” blue dot as hour hand
  • Lume-filled oversized red arrow as minute hand
  • Raised luminous minute track
  • Black rubber strap with debossed logo and ribbing for extra grip
  • 42 x 42 mm matte black ceramic case
  • Water resistant to 300 m
  • Screw-down black ceramic crown with engraved ampersand logo
  • Crown guards
  • Bi-colored ceramic bezel with luminous indexes on 20-minute countdown timer

  • Price: USD 5,600
  • Availability: limited and numbered edition of 100 pieces

Grail Watch 4

Bell & Ross × Alain Silberstein
BR 03-94 KRONO 22 

The chronograph model is the watch for both visual maximalists and those who love the functional advantages of a timepiece capable of timing events.

It has a total of five of Silberstein’s famous Bauhaus-inspired hands, the same red circle for the hours and blue arrow for the minutes, but now the yellow S-shaped hand serves as the chronograph seconds indicator. In addition, a blue triangle serves as the indicator for the chronograph 30-minute counter, with a yellow arrow for the continuous seconds indicator. The chronograph pushers are inlaid with a yellow lacquered rectangle for the start/stop function and a blue rectangle for the reset function. The crown features Silberstein’s signature red triangle.

The watch features an automatic chronograph movement with date, the caliber BR.CAL-301. It is priced at USD 6,700 and will be made in 100 examples.
  • 12 o’clock bezel pip printed in primary yellow
  • Short lug design wears smaller on the wrist
  • Minimalist ampersand logo that reflects the collaboration
  • Blue triangle as 30-minute counter indicator
  • Matte black dial
  • Raised luminous minute track
  • Black rubber strap with debossed logo
  • 42 x 42 mm matte black ceramic case
  • Water resistant to 100 m
  • Start/stop pusher with lacquered yellow rectangle
  • Knurled crown with lacquered red triangle
  • Reset pusher with lacquered blue rectangle
  • Yellow arrow as running seconds hand

  • Price: USD 6,700
  • Availability: limited and numbered edition of 100 pieces
Finally, all watches are individually numbered. Watches 1 to 50 will be sold exclusively in a box set of all three timepieces. Together with Bell & Ross, Silberstein has designed an incredible collector’s box for these Trilogy sets, featuring his signature primary colors. These boxes are the perfect way to display the timepieces together.

I hope you will enjoy wearing these three watches as much as we loved creating them for you.

Box Set


Price: USD 16,700
Availability: limited and numbered edition of 50 pieces