A "Second Life" for Hublot


Second Life

A "Second Life" for Hublot from 12th September 2007!
La Cote des Montres - September 15th, 2007

Jean-Claude Biver is inviting visitors on a tour of his new estate: a universe parallel to our own everyday lives, a fast-expanding cosmos attracting increasing numbers of Earth dwellers who go there to create the life of their dreams. An excellent way to increase visibility of his brand around the world and even beyond!

But what is Second Life? It’s a virtual 3-D reality on the web, an imaginary living space and communication platform, inhabited by characters called "avatars", who travel between islands, meet, buy, learn and do business together. To enter this world through your computer screen, all that’s required is a brief identification procedure... and then you’re free to unleash your creativity! To become a virtual consumer, you must buy "Linden $", which can be used to purchase all sorts of products. More than 5 million people have already created their own avatar, and 200,000 active residents can be found on the space every day. It’s a tremendous opportunity for a brand to do a little self-publicity, make contact with a diverse audience, establish a new type of relationship with its clients and reach out to a potentially far larger number of people than in real life!

All of which, of course, could not fail to arouse the interest and curiosity of Jean-Claude Biver, a man with a passion for innovative projects and discovering future technologies. And this virtual world promises to bring Hublot watches extraordinary visibility. While plans for the future Hublot workshop were continuing apace in real life, Biver entrusted the task of designing the Hublot island to a specialist company responsible for establishing the watchmaking brand on Second Life. In this world, any expression of creativity and art is permitted. The island, in the form of the brand’s H-shaped logo, is one of the very first representatives of a luxury brand in this dimension! And certainly the very first high watchmaking brand to enable such interactivity. So, anyone wanting to go (or rather teleport their avatar) there to visit the complex and see the watch collection will be given a hearty welcome and plunged deep into the Hublot world. There they can admire Hublot’s design capabilities down to the very last detail illustrating its expertise in the juxtaposition of materials and textures, and they can even try out a vectorized reproduction of a Big Bang, the quality of which is truly breathtaking.


The entire Hublot environment is represented on the island, from the Wally boats moored in the Marina through to the football ground reserved for the Euro08 and windows in the shape of a ship’s porthole, from the animated catalogue through to the giant screen broadcasting Hublot TV, from the Bar terrace, reminiscent of the one at the Basel Fair, through to the exhibition room furnished with Raptor showcases... And indeed Jean-Claude Biver himself is on hand, waiting in the press room to greet the avatars of journalists, who each come away with a copy of the press kit under their arm!


Anything seems possible on Second Life, and this exciting new playground allows Hublot to be seen and visited by growing numbers of visitors every day, from all over the world, with whom he can communicate live. Already swept up in a whirlwind of success in real life, Hublot will no doubt be a popular topic of conversation on Second Life, attracting both seasoned "Hublotistas" and newcomers wishing to know a little more about the brand... whose avatars will always be welcome!