Vacheron Constantin is committing to a certification process supported by Blockchain technology


Vacheron Constantin is committing to a certification process supported by Blockchain technology

Digital certification of authentification with Blockchain technology

and enlists the skills of the Arianee consortium
La Cote des Montres - June 20th, 2019

To combat counterfeiting and guarantee owners the authenticity of their watches throughout their lifespan, Vacheron Constantin is committing to a certification process supported by Blockchain technology. Keen to offer its customers optimal-quality service, the Maison adopts this highly innovative and high value-added form of authentication for Les Collectionneurs timepieces. This innovation was presented at Viva Technology 2019 in Paris, France.

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Building on a heritage born in 1755 and based on the transmission of excellence through generations of master artisans, Vacheron Constantin continues to be fully engaged with its era. As the Richemont Group’s pilot Maison for testing the certification of its watches via Blockchain technology, the Manufacture confirms its constant desire to offer its customers the best possible guarantees.

Blockchain certification serves to avoid paper authentication, which can easily be forged. This new technology makes it possible to create a forgery-proof digital certificate of authenticity, which follows the watch throughout its life, even if that involves several changes of owner. A unique number is thus assigned to a unique object, making the two inseparable and securing data relating to the property, value, nature and authenticity of the timepiece.


“Les Collectionneurs” watches benefit from Blockchain technology


Vacheron Constantin has chosen to conduct a first test on its “Les Collectionneurs” collection. Hunted out and selected with patience and talent by the Maison’s heritage specialists, these vintage watches cover the entire 20th century. They are made available to connoisseurs at dedicated events organised in Vacheron Constantin boutiques around the world. This offer without parallel in the watchmaking world now benefits – in addition to the printed certificate – from the new, protected digital certificate, guaranteeing its authenticity in a durable, immutable and transparent manner.

In addition to the possibility of effectively combating counterfeiting and ensuring traceability over time, Blockchain technology-enabled certification allows Vacheron Constantin to incorporate other elements within the certificate, such as a history of the item concerned as well as information on the collection and the Maison.

This first experience successfully presented at Viva Technology 2019 in Paris, opens up a wealth of possibilities for continuous improvement of service and warranties. The ultra-secure digital certification places the customer at the heart of the process by offering a guarantee of quality control, authenticity, traceability and data protection, while ensuring his anonymity.

Vacheron Constantin enlists the skills of the Arianee consortium

to develop its digital certificate of authenticity using Blockchain technology 

Genève, June 18th 2019 – Vacheron Constantin has called upon the Arianee consortium to activate and deploy its digital certification via Blockchain technology, announced on May 20th 2019. This authentication, which has been in effect on the watches in the Maison’s “Les Collectionneurs” collection since May 15th, offers customers an unparalleled certification and traceability service, with the ongoing objective of combating counterfeiting.

As the Richemont group’s pilot company in the implementation of digital watch certification, Vacheron Constantin opted to work with Arianee to find a guarantee and authentication solution based on data protection and customer anonymity. By virtue of its status as an association created in 2019, the Arianee project’s approach to Blockchain takes the form of a decentralised and independent protocol, thereby giving watch owners the assurance of neutrality.

According to Guillaume Boilot, Chief Operating Officer Vacheron Constantin: “by announcing the digitisation of its certificates of authenticity, our company is evolving with the times, as ever at the service of its customers. Through Blockchain technology and in partnership with Arianee, we offer them real security regarding the authenticity of their watches.”

With Arianee, the use of cryptographic technology and the decentralised characteristics of Blockchain technology, Vacheron Constantin wishes to evaluate the possibility of creating a standard protocol for the digital certification of objects that could be used by all luxury stakeholders.

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO Arianee, added: “We are proud to have been able to allow Vacheron Constantin to issue the certificate of authenticity using Blockchain technology. Digital identities will transform the way we own valuable assets and Arianne couldn’t dream of a better first step than this pilot program as we continue on our path to building a global standard.”

Arianee is one of the first concrete Blockchain applications available to end consumers. This open source solution has been designed to give each object an unforgeable, durable, secure and transferable digital identity. Each watch registered on the Arianee protocol is given a certificate in addition to the traditional paper authentication. This consists of a digital passport with several innovative features: it can be transferred from one owner to another; it creates an anonymous link between the owner and Vacheron Constantin; and it is open as well as connected, thus enabling its owner to insure the model, declare it lost or stolen, as well as share or prove its ownership.

Angela Au-Yeung, Chief Digital Officer Vacheron Constantin, explains: “This certification creates bridges and interactions between customers, their watches and our Maison. By securing via Blockchain, we can now track our products throughout their life cycle and communicate with their owners without asking them to compromise their anonymity.”

About Arianee


Arianee is an independent consortium whose mission is to build a global standard for the digital certification of valuable objects by promoting and supporting the adoption of the Arianee protocol. The Arianee protocol gives to each valuable object an authentic, secure and augmented digital representation. This digital identity opens a perpetual, private by design, communication channel between brands, owners and products. Arianee develops industry driven, open source and decentralized solutions, thanks to cryptographic technology and distributed governance.