Rolex inaugurates a new stand at Baselworld 2013


Rolex inaugurates a new stand at Baselworld 2013

Rolex inaugurates a new stand at Baselworld 2013

it is remarkable not only in its dimensions but also for its contemporary elegance and its prestigious architecture
La Cote des Montres - April 28th, 2013

The new Rolex stand embodies the status and values of the leading Swiss watch brand. One of the biggest stands at Baselworld, it is remarkable not only in its dimensions but also for its contemporary elegance and its prestigious architecture, in perfect harmony with the universe of the brand.

Conceived by Rolex’s Interior Design Department, the stand occupies three storeys and reflects the latest aesthetic trends of the world of Rolex. These are typified by the use of new materials, new decorative elements inspired by details of the brand’s watches and new aquatic motifs suggesting the sea, the Oyster’s environment of choice.


Volume more than doubled


The vast showcase presenting this year’s watches extends over a surface area of 1,230 square metres (41 metres by 30 metres), 40 per cent greater than its predecessor. An extra level has been added to the stand, whose three storeys now rise to nine metres in height in the usual location at the heart of Baselworld’s new Hall 1. The total usable volume has more than doubled, offering a greater number of sales rooms and meeting spaces, as well as a bar and a 40-seat restaurant.


One stand, two faces


The new Rolex stand has separate entrances for the Rolex and Tudor brands. The main part of the stand dedicated to Rolex is clad in the brand’s favoured beige and green colours. The spacious entrance includes a reception area where big-screen panels invite the visitor to discover the world of Rolex. Inside, a large central space is furnished as an area in which to welcome and meet with accredited professionals. Overhead, a wide glass-sided walkway bridges each section of the upper levels, which are accessed by a majestic staircase. A high bronze-coloured wall, decorated with a fluted motif inspired by the bezel of an Oyster watch, leads the eye upwards, providing a sense of unity between the three levels.


Aesthetic evolution


The design of the new Rolex stand reflects the evolution of the brand’s architectural concept. A new type of wood – walnut – is now used instead of plane wood. New motifs have been introduced, directly inspired by details of Oyster watches such as the hour markers and the bezel fluting. The exterior beige facades are finished with the Fond marin (seabed) motif in relief, suggesting the rippled sand of the seabed. The display windows are set in green panels engraved with the Wave motif and lit to give a transparent effect. They evoke the aquatic world and, by extension, waterproofness, a domain in which Rolex excels.


Privileged historic ties


The new Rolex stand is emblematic of the special ties between Rolex and Baselworld. The brand’s presence at the fair dates as far back as 1939 and a first stand of approximately 30 square metres. The surface area has constantly expanded over time, in line with the growing importance of Rolex at this well-known Basel event. The last stand underwent significant modification in 1999 when a second floor was added.

The elegant, functional new stand inaugurated in 2013 provides Rolex with a strong presence at Baselworld and an exclusive setting in which to receive its partners from around the world, honouring the company’s reputation for excellence and prestige.