Richard Mille Beijing flagship opens


Richard Mille Beijing flagship opens

Located at The Legendale Hotel on Jin Bao Street
La Cote des Montres - October 2nd, 2009

The Richard Mille flagship store in Beijing located at The Legendale Hotel on Jin Bao Street
Richard Mille has opened its doors to their flagship store in Beijing. Its new home is located at The Legendale Hotel on Jin Bao Street, where the flagship occupies 260 square meters of space at this platinum 5-star hotel that represents European elegance and luxury in the heart of this capital of the People’s Republic of China. With such a prime address and grand interiors, Sparkle Roll Group Limited, the exclusive dealer of Richard Mille in PRC, invested HK$45 million in building this flagship in Beijing. From raw materials to watch displays, everything was shipped in from Paris.

The exterior of the hotel is a reminiscent of the 17th century architecture of Southern Europe. However, the interior of the Richard Mille is contrastingly high-tech and contemporary by using black as the dominant color in all parts of the space and furnishing. A striking contrast of the old and the new is the sensible representation of the brand itself.

The Richard Mille flagship store in Beijing
Many designs were inspired from the original design of the watch. Arches wrapped in black leather dominate the main seating area; the showcases are built in the tonneau shape; the 3-dimensional engraved glass windows form a signature throughout all Richard Mille stores. The combination of dark ebony, black leather and etched glass subverts a classical concept and reinterprets it in a way that perfectly showcases the charisma of the Richard Mille collections.

Richard Mille is regarded as the rupture in the watch industry where he pioneered and revolutionalized watchmaking for the future by applying concepts and materials from the world of motorsport racing, aerospace and medical industries.