Rendez-Vous Clutch by Jaeger-LeCoultre and Valextra


Rendez-Vous Clutch by Jaeger-LeCoultre and Valextra

Rendez-Vous Clutch by Jaeger-LeCoultre and Valextra

An accessory that keeps pace with trends
La Cote des Montres - September 24th, 2012

In 2012 Jaeger-LeCoultre, the reference in Swiss fine watchmaking, presented its new ladies’ collection, the Rendez-Vous. More than a watch, it embodies a free-spirited and spontaneous personality that is constantly reinvented and perpetually surprising. Inspired by the Rendez-Vous line, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Valextra designers created a Rendez-Vous clutch, a new way to wear one’s watch as an indispensable accessory that keeps pace with trends.

The Rendez-Vous watch worn on the wrist during the day can be attached to the clutch to make it sparkle for the evening. The time of the Rendez-Vous is set. Is the eye drawn to the soft relief of the guilloché pattern, dazzled by the sparkle of the diamonds, or captivated by the slow dance of day and night? Each woman has her own answer....

Kit Chan wearing Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous clutch by Valextra
Sharing the same vision of creativity, Valextra and Jaeger-LeCoultre joined their expertise earlier this year to dress the Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin with a double tour strap presented in three colors inspired by the next fashion trends.

Kit Chan wearing Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous clutch by Valextra
Valextra is an internationally renowned Italian luxury Maison, specializing in leather products with distinctive shapes designed for the comfort of sophisticated and cosmopolitan clientele. Synonymous with a timeless style, challenging trends and exquisite craftsmanship, the artisanal techniques of supreme quality and innovative design, are always adhering to functionality and fashioned in an exceptionally vast unique color palette: the very incarnation of tasteful fashion.

The “Rendez-vous” clutch is the evolution of the emblematic evening clutch by Valextra, the ‘Tammy Clutch’. Inspired by the model ‘419’ from the historical archives, the Tammy clutch was created in 2008 taking inspiration from a custom made model of the ‘80s that was originally intended for a movie star yet remained on the drawing board.

The launch of the Tammy line in 2009, introduced the version clutch, its name due to a dedication that Emanuele Carminati Molina, President of Valextra, announced the day of the wedding of his dearest friend Ms. Tammy. Characterised by its’ quintessential silhouette, the Tammy incorporates coupled droplets of which, thanks to the master craftsmanship, have been oppositely intertwined: the smaller concave drop sinking into the larger convex drop.

The Rendez-Vous clutch remains faithful to all the stylistic features that delineate the original Tammy, while the proportions, dimensions and certain details have been revisited to create a perfect harmony of elements. The curated details required a long and in-depth study necessary to find the precise combination between the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch and the Valextra clutch, to respect the pure and discreet lines that form the essence of Valextra’s philosophy.

The Rendez-Vous clutch is created in soft leather using specially selected skins which have been bred in the French Alps. The naturalness of this material, that is highly supple and elastic, is enhanced by special dyeing techniques which allows it to gain fine quality results in terms of functionality and pleasing texture. The hardware finishes in palladium, have been crafted using goldsmith workmanship: the kiss- lock metal closure has been lightened in weight, while the sliding and retractable side clasps allow easy insertion of the watch strap. The clutch is enriched by the typical hand-painted “Costa” lacquered piping, a technique that entails the application of the lacquer to the softly rounded sheared edges which are thereafter polished to perfection.

About Valextra

Valextra: A story of taste beyond fashion  

A leader in the luxury leather goods sector, Valextra was founded in Milan in 1937 and owes its success to its founder Giovanni Fontana, a far-sighted man with great entrepreneurial flair and the capacity to transform a vision into a creative idea.

During its history, most of Valextra creations became iconic bestsellers, some being celebrated as symbols of design in various museums of modern art worldwide, such as the famous travel piece the “24h ”, awarded the restigious “Compasso d’Oro” Prize in 1954 and which was entrusted in history the name "24 Hour Bag”.

Being faithful to the spirit of Giovanni Fontana, today Valextra interprets the times and develops products by means of an ancient art, responding to the needs of the moment and in continuous synergy, combining tradition and innovation, supreme quality and functionality to its essentially linear and elegant forms. A proverbial quality guaranteed by the finely skilled craftsmen who are able to modernise whilst maintaining a respect for tradition.
Today Valextra is distributed in Italy, Europe, Japan, South Korea and USA through a network of flagship stores and shop in shops.