“Hublot TV” World Premiere


“Hublot TV” World Premiere

Hublot is the first prestige company to launch its own television channel
La Cote des Montres - June 18th, 2006

With a strong presence on the net for more than a year, backed by a hugely successful design and technology site, Hublot decided to take the plunge and develop its own television channel using a revolutionary concept: the first TV channel dedicated to a watch brand, enabling all watchmaking
enthusiasts and collectors to enter into the world of the Hublot brand in a lively, informative and intimate way.

“Be different, be the first” is the watchword at Hublot with this television channel that will broadcast Hublot programmes around the clock, 7 days a week, with full screen vision, and therefore exceptional image quality, which can be run directly from the web site and viewed anywhere in the world. Hublot TV has been launched on June 5th, 2006, during the FT Luxury Summit in Las Vegas, for which Jean-Claude Biver has been invited to make a conference on the Rationalisation of Luxury.

A television channel dedicated to a single brand may seem strange to specialists in the world of conventional television, accustomed to generalist channels. But this channel has an advantage that no other channel can offer – exclusive programmes covering a niche theme. Hublot therefore needs to identify the key themes and present its latest watches. It also provides an opportunity to tell its clients about sponsored events throughout the year and everything that affects the world of Hublot.

Internet television is more than a distant dream of technicians. For several months now it has been possible to receive full screen TV on a PC screen at bit rates as low as 400 Kb. Better still, a revolutionary technological advance now allows anyone to create his own television channel, with a potential audience of 400 viewers with ADSL internet access throughout the world.

No doubt this extraordinary extension to the Internet site, with a dedicated channel, will very rapidly become a point of reference. Once again Hublot is innovating, not only in the design and technology of its products, but also by creating through its TV channel a new direct link with its clients throughout the world.

To develop this channel, Hublot commissioned WBBS s.a., an international company based in Zoug, Switzerland, that develops TV channels on the net, Broadband TV, and creates television channels for companies and institutions. The broadband is the fourth TV broadcast network after terrestrial antennas, the cable and satellite. Thanks to internet technology, broadband costs less than traditional TV, and for the first time in media history, a TV channel can become global in reach. At the end of 2004 Switzerland had 1,245,000 broadband subscribers, representing 40% of households and an increase of 48.7%
compared with the previous year. Today 30% of the population of Western Europe already uses broadband at home.

This figure is expected to rise to 45% in 2007. Worldwide, it is currently estimated that the
number of people using the Internet with a broadband connection is 390 million.

Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot, has already hired 3 IRJ (independent journalist reporters), one in Europe, one in Asia and one in America, who will regularly send images from Hublot around the world in order to have constant Hublot news Live

Selection of Program


  • Hublot presentation
  • Collections
  • New products
  • Interviews with Jean-Claude Biver
  • Nautical events:
    - Hublot PalmaVela
    - Monaco Classic Week
    - Wally Class
  • Sponsoring
  • Events around the world
  • International Awards
  • Celebrities
  • Hublot at the Cinema
  • News Live
  • Etc.

Once again Hublot has the wind in its sails and is forging its reputation on all fronts. Hublot is delighted to be able to offer millions of television viewers around the world access to its exclusive world – a fusion of tradition and avant-garde technology.