1 Million $ for a Geneva Grand Prix


1 Million dollar

For a Geneva Grand Prix
La Cote des Montres - November 16th, 2007


Two years after carrying off the ‘Prix du Design’ award for its Big Bang during the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève, Hublot has been rewarded this evening in the category ‘Jewellery Watch’ for the stunning invisible setting of the watch named ‘1 Million $ BB’. A million dollars to make the material invisible to the point of not knowing whether the watch is made of red, yellow or white gold. All you see is an iceberg of diamonds!

This evening, before an audience of personalities from the watchmaking world, the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève revealed the winners: Hublot was named as the winner in the category of jewellery watches! The jury and the general public appreciated the extraordinary setting on a Big Bang watch case, the unique performance that only a total fusion between the hand of man and micro-mechanical tools can achieve. The overall angles and lines of the design of the Big Bang are not necessarily thought suitable as a setting for jewels, let alone for invisible setting! The challenge for this creation was taken up thanks to the creativity, ingenuity, savoir-faire and a moment of folly by its designers. They dreamed about it, and then they did it. Already rewarded when they discovered the sublime beauty of the completed piece, now they are doubly rewarded !

Jean-Claude Biver speaks of invisible visibility when he uses these words: ‘When each element is mastered in its own right and coherent with the element alongside, this is invisible from the exterior but creates a vibration of harmony which is visible and evokes a reaction from those who see it’.

The members of the jury were able to perceive and feel the harmony projected by this masterpiece of jewellery, as well as appreciating its extraordinary manufacture!


1 Million a Geneva Grand Prix!

Boîtier:Or blanc 18 K serti de 322 diamants baguette (24.65 cts)
Glace :Saphir
Fond:Or blanc 18 K avec glace saphir
Couronne:Or blanc 18 K sertie de 12 diamants baguette blancs (0.8 cts)
Cadran:Or blanc 18 K, 150 Palladium, sertie de 129 diamants baguette (6.40 cts), cadran à deux niveaux, deux types de sertissage. Sertissage traditionnel autour de la cage Tourbillon. Partie supérieure du cadran sertissage invisible
Aiguilles:Aiguilles squelettes facettées diamantées en toit
Mouvement:Mécanique, manufacturé, remontage manuel, Tourbillon volant 60 secondes, HUB Solo T exécution spéciale
Dimensions:Diamètre : 13 ¼ ’’’ (Ø 30.00 mm)
Épaisseur : 7.10 mm
Nb composants :148
Nombre de pierre :24 rubis
Ponts:Décor façon sertissage baguette
Balancier:Masselotte de réglage Gyromax
Alternances:21'600 A/h (3Hz)
Cage Tourbillon:Ø 13 mm
Réserve de Marche:120 heures
Bracelet :Réglable en caoutchouc naturel noir lisse avec logo Hublot
Fermoir : Or blanc 18 K avec coiffe sertie de 30 diamants baguette (3,33 cts), déployant Or blanc 18 K
Pièce unique