BRM V6-44/V7-38 UK England


BRM V6-44/V7-38 UK England

V6-44/V7-38 UK England

So british!
La Cote des Montres - May 26th, 2010


BRM Manufacture launches a tribute to the Union Jack…


The French manufacture BRM is about to launch this summer a new watch model in two sizes : the V7England (38mm diameter) and the V6England (44mm diameter), with the English flag colours. Inspired by the Union flag, the design is a tribute to the United Kingdom.

The V7 and V6 which are referent as well-known in the BRM collection, fit to the trend in maintaining the high quality brand standards, easily identifiable in the movement of the watch as well as in its components.

These two versions are launched in the United Kingdom and through the retailers network by the beginning of the 2010 summer.

A must for this summer to have on every wrist…


BRM V6-44/V7-38 UK England

Technical specifications & prices  

Movement :Automatic
Steel :Polished stainless
Useful functions :Hands for hour, minute and second
Date indicator
Dimensions :38 mm diameter for the V7 model
44mm for the V6 model
Steel :Polished stainless
Dial :Hours graduation
Saphir :with treatment
BRM logo :on the flag background
Strap :Blue leather , both sides with red and white colour sewing
Perforated for a better confort
Specification :Limited series
V7 model :2 350 € TTC
V6 model :2 400 € TTC