De Grisogono Fuso Quadrato


Fuso Quadrato

Two dials, two timezones
La Cote des Montres - April 4th, 2009

The de Grisogono Fuso Quadrato watch
Intriguing, surprising, amazing – in both technology and design, Fuso Quadrato, the most recent of de Grisogono’s horological masterpieces, displays an assertive personality in line with the stunning technical exploit which its second timezone display system represents. This new and astute expression of an eminently practical function is sure to delight frequent travellers and everyone who regularly has to juggle timezones, particularly on so personable a wristwatch, with its pair of distinct but equally handsome dials.

de Grisogono’s founder and President Fawaz Gruosi was, after all, the first to introduce a true diaphragm on a wristwatch, his Occhio Ripetizione Minuti. Everyone had been surprised by the intricacy of the diaphragm’s design and construction, seeing the size of the delicate components fitted in the minute amount of space available in a wristwatch.

This year, Fawaz Gruosi is playing a similar hand, with his novel approach of building this mechanism into a double timezone display. Actioned by a slide positioned on the case flank opposite the crown, the diaphragm’s 12 titanium blades can be either open to reveal the second timezone dial or closed to display only the local time in hours and minutes. At the heart of the watch a selfwinding mechanical movement beats at 28,800 v.p.h. and provides a 42-hour power reserve. While the hours and minutes of local time are shown by a pair of center-positioned hands, the second timezone is indicated on a 12 hour dial by a black frame hand.

The black upper dial’s center area is satin-finished while its outer zone is fine-grain sandblasted. The de Grisogono-designed hour markers and applied numerals match the case metal color, as does the lower dial, featuring clou de Paris cobbled finish and a chapter inscribed with hour markers and Roman numerals.

Fashioned in 18K pink gold or white gold, the Fuso Quadrato case has been designed for total ergonomic comfort and flawless elegance. 47 mm wide, its square silhouette’s sensual rounded lines are delicately arched outward in the 6-to-12 axis to hug the wrist closely, aided by the mobility of the strap lugs. The sapphire crystal itself is curved in harmony with the case profile.

True to de Grisogono’s meticulous detailing tradition, the crown and diaphragm slide both bear the corporate crest. Water-resistant to 30 m (~ 100 feet), the new Fuso Quadrato comes with a genuine alligator strap fitted with a triple deployment clasp color-matched to the case.

De Grisogono Fuso Quadrato

Ref.: DF 21-9



Ref No.:de Grisogono - DF 21-90
Power system:Selfwinding mechanical
Functions:Hours and minutes at center
Special features:Second timezone shown by center frame hand
Diaphragm-type dial center



Metal:5N pink 18K gold; white 18K gold
Shape:Flat in the 3/9 axis, outcurved in the 6/12 axis
Thickness:13.1 mm
Width:47 mm without crown
Length:58.5 with lugs
Attachments:Four mobile lugs
Crystal:Front crystal outcurved in the 6/12 axis
Crown:With corporate crest
Diaphragm slide:With corporate crest
Water resistance:To 30 m (~ 100 feet)
Strap:Genuine alligator
Clasp:Triple deployment, color-matched to the case



Superposed dials
Dial:Two-part (matching the case color)
  • Upper dialr
  • Center part (diaphragm:satin-finished in the 12-tohour axis
    Outer part:fine-grain sandblasted
    Color:black PVD
    Hour markers and applied numerals:color-matched to the case – de Grisogono design
    Transfer inscription in white:de Grisogono - Swiss Made
    Lower dial:Clou de Paris surface finish, with smooth hour chapter
    Color-matched to the case
    Transferred Roman numerals and hour markers
    First timezone:dauphine-style hour and minute hands, color-matched to the dial markings
    Second timezone:de GRISOGONO-designed frame hand for hours, black PVD finish
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