RJ-Romain Jerome becomes RJ


RJ-Romain Jerome becomes RJ

The Swiss Made watch brand takes on a raw and sophisticated face
La Cote des Montres - June 6th, 2018

Geneva-based independent watchmaking brand RJ-Romain Jerome has been creating highly emotional and addictive timepieces since 2004, ushering in a new era in horology. Borrowing inspiration from nature’s raw elements - sea, earth and space - and reinterpreting history, culture and pop-culture legends, the brand has presented since its inception very imaginative and unique creations, including its iconic “Moon Dust”, “Titanic”, “Spider-Man” and “Batman”. From the moon and lava, to the depths of the sea, no element has been too challenging for the ambitious watchmakers.

The « TITANIC-DNA » line
This year, the brand embarks on a new journey that starts with a rebranding, from a new visual identity to a raw punchline. While keeping the best of its DNA, watchmaking values and state-of-the-art craftsmanship, RJ-Romain Jerome becomes RJ, taking on a fresher and bolder personality. And there is no better time to present this revamp than during the 2018 Basel industry fair!

Returning to the bare essentials and the human story for inspiration - as it always has, RJ masters pure, unprocessed elements, turning them into sophisticated watches that were meant to exist. And that is how #JustRaw, the brand’s new punchline, comes to life. Using technical and mechanical ingenuity has never been so raw.

Marco Tedeschi CEO of RJ
Recently appointed CEO Marco Tedeschi comments: “It is vital that RJ retains its established values and initial inspiration, but at the same time develops a new and fresh identity aiding in the brand’s international development. The rebranding ensures that we get the right messages out there on every level. In fact, one of our biggest achievements this year is the launch of our first core collection ARRAW, which now constitutes our backbone and the basis for future developments”.

RJ introduces and reveals the first collection of its new line ARRAW
The ARRAW collection radiates all of the original and new RJ values, integrity and raw sophistication. The base design is an ode to the iconic “Titanic” model, and is recognizable through its four rubber bumpers, the shape of its case and its unique crafted dial overhung by the arrow hands. ARRAW fleshes out into various models for men and women, in different sizes and materials.

In this new age of the watch industry where knowledge, savoir-faire and imagination are key, the RJ DIGITAL STUDIO has dreamed up a totally unusual way of experiencing a watch boutique, be it physical or virtual. The all-new website, rjwatches.com, represents the brand’s ambitions and traits, and forms a portal into RJ’s original world.

The brand is also launching RJ FORGE, its manufacture bringing together all step of its creations.

It is now time for all curious explorers of life and its pleasures to become a part of the #JustRaw movement.



In 2018, that intention to excite, provoke and curate great watch stories continues. Our new range of watches are inspired both by nature and the ability of humankind to shape the very elements that nature has created. By using those most elemental materials, and blending them with RJ’s unparalleled craftsmanship, we can literally turn the raw into the sophisticated. It is a philosophy known simply as #JustRaw.

That journey kicks off with ARRAW, a new core collection for men and women which will be on sale from July 2018.



Inspiration. It can come from the depths of space or the deepest oceans. It can be shaped by the most intense of graphic novel superheroes or enriched by the frivolity of a cartoon icon. It is the source of our ingenuity, the spark that shapes our creative spirit and the flame behind our passion for true originality. And it is at the heart of the unique timepieces that make Geneva-based watchmaker, RJ, a brand that stands apart from the conventional.

Since we were founded in 2004, RJ has purposefully placed itself at the cutting-edge of Swiss Made creative culture. Our watches, inspired by pop culture, exploration, technology and fashion, are designed to excite life’s most curious explorers with their beauty, sophistication, rarity and cultural significance.

That excitement extends to more than just their inspiration. RJ watches have become renowned not simply for their recognisable designs but also for the way in which they literally blend the most rare, unprocessed elements from those actual historical landmarks into their very essence. RJ “Moon Dust” watches, for example, are created with real moon dust embedded into their dials, while RJ “Titanic” watches are hewn from the actual steel that was used to construct the great ocean liner.

About RJ


Born in Geneva in 2004, and embodying the most intense creative side of Swiss Made culture, RJ has transformed the beauty of the raw, into accessible and inviting sophistication. Our designs draw inspiration from nature’s raw elements - sea, earth and space - and combine them with reinterpretations of history, culture and even pop-culture, with creations such as “Moon Dust”, “Titanic”, “Spider—Man” and “Batman”.

In 2018, we embark on a new mission towards a promise of Smart Luxury and Raw Elegance.

Our inspiration: the human story.
Our approach: a return to nature, to the bare essentials, and with such radical means, we turn raw into sophisticated.

We blend pure, unprocessed elements with our craftsmanship; the result is so natural and harmonious, it appears as if it were meant to be. And that is how #JustRaw comes to life.

Our watches appeal to curious explorers of life and its pleasures, especially those having an eye for the beautifully complex structures of nature, subtly illuminated by the hands of our craftsmen.

The new journey kicks off with ARRAW, our new core collection for men and women.

RJ is also launching RJ FORGE, its manufacture bringing together all step of its creations.