Montblanc Soulmakers for 100 years


Soulmakers for 100 years

Tthe watches of the soulmakers from Le Locle
La Cote des Montres - December 2nd, 2006

Montblanc Star Chrono GMT Perpetual Calendar
Firmly rooted in the culture of craftmanship for the past 100 years, the Montblanc brand has long been counted among the established makers of chronometers represented at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva every year. The chronometers with the white star, produced in Le Locle, Switzerland, by Montblanc Montre S.A., stand for exquisite, traditional craftsmanship coupled with modern design.

To mark the brand’s centenary in 2006, Montblanc is presenting a world premiere at the SIHH: the Star Chrono GMT Perpetual Calendar chronograph in platinum, white, yellow or rose gold, with a COSC-certified mechanism (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) that features not only all the classic functions of a timepiece, but also a GMT display combined with one of the industry’s most sophisticated complications of the perpetual calendar.

Montblanc Profile Lady Elegance
Equally exclusive are the Profile Lady Elegance Diamonds Limited 3 in 18 carat white gold with casing and wristband set with a firework display of diamonds and, for men, the Urban Walker 950 Platinum cufflinks, each in a worldwide limited edition of just three.

UrbanWalker 950 Platinum
The sparkling detail highlighting all Montblanc centenary editions is a patented top Wesselton diamond in the shape of the Montblanc star. Among these editions is the innovative Sport Tantalum Automatic Limited Edition 100 with its newly developed helium escape valve.

100 years of Montblanc

A century informed by commitment to exquisite craftsmanship and the finest materials. The brand with the white star is celebrating its 100th anniversary in honour of the master craftsmen of Montblanc who, with passion and the artistry and skill born of years of experience, bestow upon each individual product something very special: a soul.

The brand philosophy and quality standards of the Montblanc writing instruments apply in equal measure to Montblanc leatherwear and jewellery accessories – and also to the watches which have borne the white star since 1997. In next to no time, these chronometers, created by Montblanc Montre S.A. in Le Locle, the bastion of traditional Swiss watchmaking, had gained their creators an acknowledged place in the circle of renowned watchmakers. Already in 2003, rapidly growing demand made it necessary for the manufactory in a historical villa, to extend its production area from 200 to 800m2. It now offers sufficient space for 50 craftsmen to pour their creativity into producing watches of the highest possible precision and a timeless beauty that transcends all fashion trends.

The Montblanc diamond

symbol of a success story that has lasted 100 years 

As a reference to the legendary star which has become its trademark, Montblanc commissioned the design of a unique diamond to mark its centenary, a diamond featuring the patented 43-facet Montblanc cut. The Montblanc diamond now adorns the crowns of all its centenary watches.

The strict limitation of the editions presented at the SIHH 2006 is also symbolic of a century of impassioned craftsmanship. Some anniversary edition watches are limited to 1906 as a tribute to the year in which the Montblanc brand was established, the 100 editions celebrating the company’s 100 years’ history and the most exclusive, limited worldwide to only three of each exquisite piece, honouring the three company founders.

Passion for perpetual precision:

Star Chrono GMT Perpetual Calendar Limited Edition 100 Star Chrono GMT Perpetual Calendar Limited Edition 3

At the SIHH 2006 in Geneva, Montblanc is celebrating its centenary year with a worlds first for cosmopolitans and lovers of technical masterpieces: a chronograph for the future, or more accurately, for the next 100 years. This newly developed chronograph not only features all the classic functions of a timepiece, but a GMT display combined with one of the industry’s most sophisticated complications of the perpetual calendar. The automatic mechanism with Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC) certification features three complications. New, too, is the crown’s safety lock, which ensures reliable adjustment of the second time zone and the date.

The centenary chronograph Star Chrono GMT Perpetual Calendar Limited Edition 100 comes with a hand-crafted alligator wrist strap and in a choice of solid white, yellow or rose gold, each edition limited to 100 watches, and – in its most precious design – in platinum with a skeleton Art Nouveau rotor in a strictly limited edition of just three chronographs: the Star Chrono GMT Perpetual Calendar Limited Edition 3.

A high-carat diamond firework display

Profile Lady Elegance Diamonds in limited editions of 3, 100 and 1906

Montblanc is also celebrating this major anniversary by raising the bar for ladies’ watches. As the epitome of exclusivity, Montblanc is presenting its three different models of the Profile Lady Elegance Diamonds Limited Edition 3 at the SIHH. A total of 794 top Wesselton diamonds in brilliant and baguette cut glitter in a 9.85-carat firework on the wrist strap and rectangular case of 18-carat white gold. Stone setters and master watchmakers spend more than 1000 hours putting the individually selected stones together to create a unique gem of a watch. This edition is optionally available with 4.21-carat diamonds in brilliant cut and 7.14-carat rubies in baguette cut or with 4.21-carat diamonds and 6.99-carat sapphires. Complementing the luxurious overall design of the chronometer, the diamond-set Roman numerals crossing over from the mother-of-pearl dial to the bezel add a special note of sophistication.

The stylistic element of these so-called crossover numerals also dominates the other models of this centenary line, which is limited to an edition of 100 or 1906. While the Profile Lady Elegance Diamonds Limited Edition 100 in 18-carat white gold also features 160 diamonds (1.23 carats) on its casing and mother-of-pearl dial, the sleeker, sports edition, Profile Lady Elegance Diamonds Limited Edition 1906, comes in a purist stainless steel case that underlines the crossover effect of the diamond numerals to even greater effect.

Montblanc Lady Couture
The wrist straps of these two models place the focus more firmly on style. The Profile Lady Elegance Diamonds Limited Edition 100 comes with a precious stingray leather wrist strap in glossy pink, red or black. The Profile Lady Elegance Diamonds Limited Edition 1906 offers the options of an elegant, white alligator leather strap or a sleek stainless steel bracelet to match the mother-of-pearl dial, while the alternative model featuring a pink dial has a matching pink alligator strap.

Montblanc Star Lady Automatic - Moonphase Diamonds

Innovative technology and a new material open up extreme diving depths

Sport Tantalum Automatic Limited Edition 100 Sport Chrono Automatic Limited Edition 1906

Endless watery depths hold a certain fascination. With Montblanc, the unattainable comes within our reach. The new Sport Tantalum Automatic Limited Edition 100 is much more than a chronometer for lovers of extreme sports, professional divers and aesthetes. Knowledge of the exceptional material and innovative technology it embodies makes this sports watch a true centenary piece.

Sport Chrono Automatic Limited Edition 1906
The case is made of tantalum, an extremely robust and shimmering blue metal. This high-tech material is extremely rare, twice as heavy as steel, very tough and corrosion-resistant. Tantalum is very difficult to process due to its high melting point, but capable of withstanding great stress and strain. What this means for the only 100 Sport Tantalum Automatic Limited Edition 100 watches with their automatic helium escape valve is that the robust tantalum case can withstand water pressure at depths of at least 1906m – this, too, a number play on the year the company was established.

The outer design of this COSC-certified automatic watch also goes for sporting style right down to the very last detail. The shimmering blue case and turnable bezel provide a sharp contrast to the black dial with illuminated numerals and date display, and masculine, black rubber wrist strap.

The new sports line from Montblanc also includes the Sport Chrono Automatic Limited Edition 1906 and features a COSC-certified mechanism (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) in the limited centenary edition of 1906 watches. Waterproof to depths of up to 300m, the chronograph with its stainless steel case coated with tantalum and automatic helium escape valve impresses with its dynamic design, extra timekeeping functions and choice of dial in silver or black. A perfect combination of first-rate Swiss precision watchmaking, innovative technology and sleek, sporting style.

Reaching for the stars

The anniversary editions of the Montblanc cuff-links

The global brand derived its inspiration and name from the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc. On the occasion of the brand’s 100th birthday, the Montblanc diamond glitters like the mountain’s glaciers not only on the winding button of all anniversary watches, but also on writing instruments and jewellery accessories such as the “UrbanWalker 950 Platinum” cuff-links shown at the SIHH.

For this exclusive edition, limited to only three pairs, the Montblanc designers concentrated entirely on the symbol of the anniversary. Eight years of research and development were needed to cut the facets in the Montblanc diamond in the optimum manner and thus achieve maximum brilliance and light refraction. A pair of Montblanc diamonds, cut in 43 facets, now floats in each of the transparent domes on the sides of the cuff-links – making a total of four 0.22-carat Montblanc diamonds in top Wesselton quality. An elegant contrast is formed by the setting, stay and cross-bar – with Montblanc engraving – of solid 950 platinum.

UrbanWalker 950 Platinum
The 1906 edition cuff-links have also been produced with a pair of two Montblanc diamonds in the transparent domes. Their concentric shape suits ideally the Montblanc diamonds floating in the middle. Stylishly designed and strikingly radiant, both variants are an eye-catching accessory for classical businesswear. With these and many other new products, Montblanc is presenting watches and jewellery of the highest perfection at the Geneva watch fair 2006 on the occasion of its 100th anniversary. Produced with the passion for the finest jewellery and watchmaking craftsmanship, elegant and contemporary design, and innovative functionality.

Montblanc Montre S.A. in Le Locle, Switzerland

Master watches from the “Cité de la Précision” 

Le Locle is the birthplace of traditional Swiss watchmaking. Also known as “la Cité de la Précision“, Le Locle is a tranquil town nestling among the Alpine slopes of Jura, far from the bustle of the big cities. Although founded as recently as 1997, Montblanc Montre S.A., the watchmaking arm of the almost 100-year-old luxury brand, has carved out a firm place for itself amongst the great watchmakers of our time. Inspired by the distinctive design features of the brand’s writing instruments, Montblanc watches have in the space of only a few years achieved notable recognition from a discerning circle of international customers.

The increasing demand for these fine watches necessitated an extension of the production facility in 2003. A magnificent, light-flooded atrium was added to the historic Art Nouveau villa, where every year up to 200,000 watches could be painstakingly crafted according the very highest Swiss watchmaking traditions. The architecture of the Montblanc workshop reflects the brand’s unique philosophy of combining traditional, lasting values with contemporary, innovative ideas.