Baume & Mercier presents Petite Promesse

Baume & Mercier presents Petite Promesse

What is Petite Promesse?

March 7th, 2016
A watch in a mini format, like a link to those you love.

It is a wonderful companion for both the landmarks of life and for small moments of grace.

Daring, feminine and sparkling with color, Petite Promesse is about pleasure and sharing, reflecting the delights of everyday life.

It is a style feature, a touch of humor, and an attitude.

Petite Promesse captures the essence of chic and the splendor of life as they appear today.

Petite Promesse describes a day on your wrist

I like the morning most of all because it’s the time of our first encounter. She has barely opened her eyes, and already her gaze is on me. Naturally, she always says she is very late, yet she somehow finds the time to dance around and change her clothes three times before getting a foot out the door. She never goes out without putting on her rings, bracelets and bangles, her charms and trinkets, her perfume and lipstick. For her, time is strangely restricted but extendable if required, an elastic space that she inhabits with a rare intensity. Through her eyes, life is a party. With her, there is always something to celebrate! A bouquet of violets found on her desk, a book picked up at a flea-market, a new music track or the countless messages that she sends to her friends before she meets up with them after work : she takes pleasure in everything.

But hold on, is it cocktail time already? I haven’t even told you about the meetings, the taxis caught on the fly, the “I haven’t got time for lunch and anyway I’m on a diet” before finishing off a box of cookies on a corner of the table, or the times she pretended to forget me in order to sneak off for a secret rendez-vous... I am the lucky witness of her marvelous contradictions, her life lived as a succession of magic interludes, her elegance, her freewheeling exploration, and her successes.

I’m the one who follows her everywhere, her companion for those extraordinary moments: we hold each other close from morning to night. She is very independent but likes living in a group. She hates making plans but might suddenly say: “Why don’t we go out tonight?” And here I am, little me, so very proud to be on her arm.

A mini format creates timeless feminine appeal, with a diameter of 22 mm.

A bezel set with diamonds: all the sparkle and style of the legendary precious stones.

Perfectly balanced proportions: the interplay of oval and round between case and bezel infuses the watch with a subtle harmony.

A contemporary form that echoes the elegance and formal freedom of the 1970s.

A wrap around leather strap or steel bracelet. A genuine must-have. The grace of this unique interlinking transforms the watch into a true piece of jewelry. Its characterful signature is expressed in three versions: steel, bright blue leather and vivid orange leather. Three watches, each with a strong personality to choose according to your character and mood.

A dial in perfectly pure white mother-of-pearl, with two diamonds as indexes at 6 and 12 o’clock.

What is Petite Promesse?


A jewelry watch

Grace and audacity, interpreted by a unique double wrap-around metal bracelet of watchmaking manufacture whose brilliance echoes that of the bezel partially set with diamonds. This model plays with the design codes of the small Baume & Mercier wristwatches created in the 1920s and considered as pieces of jewelry. Their air of elegance, femininity and celebration is revisited here with an original and unexpected contemporary twist.

The essence of chic

A model fitted with a blue strap – bright, deep and modern. The wrap around strap and its calfskin with contemporary finishing give this polished steel watch, partially set with diamonds, a very trendy contrast of chic and glamor – all the makings of a genuine style accessory.

Playful energy

A wrap around calfskin strap in bright, spicy orange brings optimism and a bright mood to this glamorous model with an oval case entirely set with diamonds. A precious model that adorns the wrist of glittering celebrities. It boldly combines leather in an ultra-modern color with contemporary finishes and the ageless chic of a superb diamond setting.